I don’t need to walk around in circles…

The beginning of my week was tough and scary and I am, generally speaking, a very upbeat wacky kinda girl so I needs me some funny back. I was talking about this with my sister the other day so it seems appropriate.
I’ve decided to start one of those horrible memes – mwahahahah

Name your favorite guilty pleasure movies and your most favorite scene from each.
Not the best films, nothing Oscar worthy, or deeply moving, I’m talking cheese, camp and schlock. Name as many or few as you have/want. I’ll probably stop back here on occasion and add more. I’m not going to tag anyone. I just ask that if you choose to participate, leave me a comment or link back to this post.

Now for the guinea pigging…
1.) Hudson Hawk; voted worst movie of 1991 by me and a bunch of my ridiculous 12th grade friends on a night we should have been studying our lines for the fall musical.
*Andy MacDowell “talking” to the dolphins; makes me laugh every time. And don’t overlook the fact that this is arguably David Caruso’s best performance ever, as Kit Kat – he never talks! HA!
(Ike. Do your impersonation of David Caruso’s career!)
2.) Coming to America; one of the first movies my Dad ever owned on VHS, I very nearly had it memorized at one point in my life.
* Eric La Salle’s jerry curl and the stains it leaves on the couch!
3.) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; C’mon. You know that it wasn’t even close to the caliber of the first and third. Heck, if it wasn’t for the fact that he met his second, and current wife, on the set I would wonder if Spielberg was even actually involved.
* “Oooo. Ah-chilled monkey brains!” What a feast.
4.) Once Bitten; Lauren Hutton in peak form as a vicious vampiress, Cleavon Little looking dapper as her butler and longtime companion and Jim Carrey as the goofy and lovable teenage lead before anyone knew who he was.
* The unlikely “dance-off” between Jim’s girlfriend and Ms. Hutton where the girlfriend wins and saves him from being vampiricized even after he was an ass to her.


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