This is the best thing, and the very most hard

My sister and nephew were in a car accident yesterday.
They’re Ok. More bumped and bruised than anything else.
It scared the shit out of me. I literally could do nothing until my Mom called back to say that they were alright.
She’s my only sister, my only sibling, the only “other” I have. She’s my backup drive, the only other place that most of my pre-18 memories are stored. I shy away from facing the inevitable truth that I will probably have to bury my parents someday but the thought that my sister would go before me never entered my mind. I’m supposed to go first, I’m older.

Selfish? Childish? Probably.

I’m just glad they’re OK and I get to keep my sis, my Eli.


5 thoughts on “This is the best thing, and the very most hard

  1. Glad everyone is okay.
    Totally made me cry though! My sis is my best pal (even when she pisses me off). She knows me better than anyone else. We can practically read each other’s minds, and I can’t imagine living without her. I’ve already told her that I’ve got to go first. I shudder to think of life without her!

  2. What a scare for all of you. We do share such a collective memory with our siblings, and it’s unimaginable that one day one of us will lose part of that. I’m so glad that everyone is all right.

  3. Man – what a way to make someone cry! I am also the older of ‘just us’, me and my sis. We were the first friends we ever had, and we fought like cats and dogs growing up, but now that we’re both out of college and grown up, we’re great friends and I couldn’t imagine the world without her! And I for sure can’t think of her being the first to pass away – never! Your post just hit me like a ton of bricks. I am so with you on this! Em

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