On the lee side…

Today I have 100+ pages to read for a test tomorrow – so I’m blowing off some steam.
2 things that burn my biscuits.

1.) Loestrin 24 Fe Hawking their 3-day period birth control pill on my television.
I’m not saying that I have anything against the pill, on the contrary I think its great. I’m just totally disgusted with their marketing ploys.
a.) who wants to be bothered with 7 WHOLE DAYS of being able to do nothing!
They show the girl sadly looking at her calendar and knowing that she can’t go on that camping trip with her boyfriend because of her period.
*Learn how to plan better!
b.) they also play up the fact that this will lessen or elimate acne.
Great! Yeah, yeah, this is a good thing to use if you’re sexually active and not ready for kids but really, It’ll clear your face up!! That’s what’s important!
*See a dermatologist, don’t mess with your reproductive system for better skin.

Is our ability to propagate the human race such an inconvenience? Would we rather just stick it in a jar and shove it to the back of the cabinet until we’re ready to use it because it interferes with our plans and guys think its icky. Can’t we celebrate that it is an essential part of our womanhood, that the ebb and flow of life exists in our wombs.

2.) Are we actually worshipping cars now?!?

Isn’t gospel music the vocal expression of devotion and love for the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and his father, the Almighty? Isn’t this a little golden calf-ish?
* This season on American False Idols; Sex, Money or Cars? Who will win your votes!
Not that I’m religious, haven’t been to church regularly in over a decade but this just feels dirty to me.

I’m going to go finish my book and try to find things that don’t tick me off.
Hopefully a happier, crafty post later today or tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “On the lee side…

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more about the whole birth control thing. I’m assuming that what you’re talking about is the ‘four cycles a year’ pill. I don’t have any problems with the pill persey (well, I do, but I’ll save that for another time), but this particular one really grinds my gears. It’s making one’s reproductive abilities a complete and total afterthought. What’s wrong with one week of down time outta four? Good time to be introspective and get some crafting done! Being a woman and everything that entails is not a hinderance of an inconvenience.

  2. I just met Cammie and I’m having trouble not tearing my hair out or throwing up. Granted, I am well beyond the target market for an add like this, but it does make me slightly green and disgusted.
    I guess I never realized years ago that having a normal period would take the Joy out of my life, would confine me to my house and totally restrict my activities. I’d like to invite the Cammies of our country to step back 150+ years. They certainly would have missed those wagon trains. Come to think of it, they never could have ventured out on the Mayflower either.
    What is it about our society that says we have to tweak, change, medicate, cut and suture the Hell out of our bodies, our bodily functions, our faces..on and on..to be hip and with it? Color me an old and disgruntled bitch. I don’t like Disney’s depiction of ANY of their female characters either.
    I’ll stop before I spew out any more potentially offensive comments. Oh, except, is it just my perception, but wasn’t that add written on about a second grade level? Meet Cammie, she comes with her little camper, her cute little puppy and her little pills to make life grand. OOH, she also comes with her own boyfriend too.

  3. I just gave up some bits and pieces of my womanhood after 20-odd years of a strong fight to retain them. The whole thing bugs me, too.
    Are you that surprised by auto-worship? And Disney-fied sex? And you a college student and everything…sheesh

  4. ok. dude. I don’t have cable. so I just went to the Loestrin website. I am so happy that Cammie was able to hook up with Dave thanks to her use of Loestrin and her new 3-day period. That’s awesome. I was on Loestrin for attempted (and failed) treatment of what sent me to the OR. I did not have 3 day periods. Once it started, it wouldn’t stop. It was awesome. My first ever 21 day period. Now, if I’d not been on Loestrin, who’s to say I might not have met Dave first and been boffing him myself?? And Mr. Wonderful, well, he’d be all done with since Loestrin would help me to my new and exciting life in the city with my dog and Dave…damn….!

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