Feel the Burn

I think my house must smell pretty good.
I’m not really sure though because I can’t smell anything.
You know those mornings when you wake up feeling fine and then you cough, or swallow or try to talk and you realize just how NOT fine you are. Your throat is raw and you feel like there’s an egg white in your lungs. Yeah, that’s me today.
So I’m not in class, I’m curled up in bed under my super cozy electric blanket, sucking down orange juice and watching the food network when it hits me.

Soup. I need chicken soup. And I happen to have all the stuff to make it.
deglazing-the-pan.jpg roasted-fixins-and-broth.jpg chopped-veggies-and-chicken.jpg
I have a bag in the freezer where I throw all my chicken scraps. Whenever I trim fat, cut out bones, whatever, it all goes in that bag. Take it out and pop it in the microwave to defrost for a minute or two just so I can get all the pieces apart and they all go in an oiled baking pan with 3 carrots and 3 ribs of celery cut in half or quartered. One onion quartered and one head of garlic cut in half. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and roast at 450 for ½ hour. At that point I add about a cup of water and return it to the over for another 45 mins.
straining-the-rpasted-goodness.jpg chicken-soup.jpg last-minute-soup-add-ins.jpg
Scrape everything out of the baking dish into a pot. If all your water evaporated you will want to deglaze the pan with beer, wine, chicken stock, water, whatever you prefer to get all the super yummy brown bits off the bottom, then pour in into the pot with the roasted veggies and chicken parts. Bring this to a boil over med heat while you chop 1 more carrot and 1 celery rib into ¼ inch slices, halve 8 baby red potatoes, and cut 2 chicken breasts into ½ inch cubes. Put it all into your crock pot and strain the contents of the pot over the top.Set your crockpot to low and walk away for about and hour. It’s done, eat as is or add orzo and spinach for some extra texture and irony goodness in the last 10 minutes.
Mine will be ready at lunchtime. Then I can take a nap before heading back out to drive the kiddies home – and I teach my crochet class tonight, only 2 sessions left.



2 thoughts on “Feel the Burn

  1. Yum soup…but I am so sorry you are feeling, excuse me, “pissy” and yucky. I will be so grateful if I survive one g’daughter with the coughing, snots til she throws up and a g. son who has had the throw ups and you know what else.
    I am pleased that I can help to take care of them. That’s important to me, to be included in their families.
    Take care of yourself and get some rest!
    p.s. what is the lovely crochet you are doing?

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