How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?


It’s that time of year again. Time to look at all the supplies I have and decide if I have what I need to make 10-15 swap worthy ornaments. Yup, Holiday Ornament Swap 2007 sign ups are open!! But only till Friday Nov. 9th so get your butt over there and toss in your name. It’s worth it. I had a blast last year making up all my little chickens and I think I’ll repeat the give-away again this year with 3 lucky peeps getting ornaments as well.
I’ve been eagerly awaiting the sign ups this year but with Mondays so busy for me I didn’t remember that yesterday was when they started. It took Kari sending me an e-mail about this (how totally cool is that!!! Over400 ornament designs to chose from last year and she chose mine 🙂 *sigh*) to remind me to go sign up.

So new chickens with a revised design that I’ve been mulling over, make it a tradition or something new? I’ll have to let you know. I’ve got one month till the mailing date – I should be able to make a decision by then.



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