In the Still of the Night

I have had the weekend to myself.

Patrick had an opportunity to go and help open a new B&N store in Albany yesterday and who can turn down extra income at this time of year. The hitch was that I also had to work at Webs yesterday. So we packed up the kids and the three of them went of to his parent’s house for the weekend on Friday night. The girls got to stay with Grandma and Grandpa while Patrick went off to work and they won’t be home until lunchtime today.

What a bittersweet relief to walk in the door of my home and not immediately be greeted by need. No “Mama!” to be heard, no running feet, no fighting sisters, no frustrated, sighing husband. Just me and whatever music I feel like blasting. Hmm, Bonnie Raitt, Dave Brubeck, Gomez, Patsy Cline, and maybe the soundtrack from The Red Violin.

What did I get done with all that fantastic time to myself? Dishes, laundry, a couple rows on my latest hat project, I sorted the pile on the kitchen counter, I spent time and had a great dinner with a good friend, I stopped my car and watched the most incredible sunset over the Northampton Oxbow last night, just gorgeous! And I spent a good three hours answering some questions for Carina – I’ll tell you more soon 🙂
While doing all that writing I also had to go look for a few pictures, during the search I found these gems. The first is the girls, three years ago, in the giant pile of leaves that we get each year. Patrick’s cousin Eric thinks that we could actually bury both our cars under there and he might be right, we do have 9 big healthy maple trees. We’ll be attempting the giant leaf pile again today, I’ll try to get new pics.

Edit: Check out the monster leaf pile


This one I just love. It amazes me that Patrick is able to take these faerie like pics of the girls without even trying. But maybe he doesn’t have to try. As soon as Aurelia was born my Mom called her “faerie fingers” because she had these delicate, long little fingers and she still has this tendency to stare out into space as if she’s seeing something you can’t. And Saebra, well, I used to call her my little changeling because her eyes are so dark and she has had this ability, since birth, to look right into you. I should really frame this and put it next to this one.


2 thoughts on “In the Still of the Night

  1. OMG, The Red Violin is one of my all time favourite movies!! Did you know it’s a Canadian film? Anything with Colm Feore in it, we claim as our own. JK. Actually, the director, Don McKellar, is Canadian too. That’s not why I love it, it’s a great story, but it’s just an interesting tid-bit.

    You have the cutest kids. Very photogenic!

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