It was a Monster Mash

AH, Halloween. It was fun, of course until the kids were too hopped up on sugar to talk below a roar or move any slower than warp speed. Yup, great.
All kidding aside I had a really great time. We drove over to my in-law’s place because they are surrounded by great trick-or-treating neighborhoods – and we are not. My Mil layed out a great spread of quick eats so we would have bellies full of good food before the candy flood arrived. My middle BIL,SIL – his lovely lady, and the youngest BIL’s lovely lady, my sister, nephew and my Mom were also in attendance. The girls and I hit the road with all their Aunties and cousin Mike at 5:30 with Grandpa joining us halfway through.

Holy Candy Batman! Whole Hershey bars!?! Handfuls!?!
These kids have it easy. I would have had to speed through my childhood neighborhood and hitch a ride up to the housing development to hit all those houses before I would have come away with the bags of loot that the girls have. Oof, that salada candy.

Princess Leia, the Skydancer and Quigon Jinn ( the Star Wars connection was not planned)and he’s not much for pictures
princess-leia.jpg sky-dancer.jpg quigon-jinn.jpg
Oh and I made an Odessa hat this week that I’m sending off to Kelli-Ann and I liked it so much I’m making another for Saeb. Good thing I have all those beads for jewelry!
Oh and I’m also making square 5 and 6 from this in this for the store.


3 thoughts on “It was a Monster Mash

  1. I’ve just spent the better part of an hour on the Webs website…why have I not done this before?? I had no idea they had weaving yarns as well. I’m feeling all tingly and twitchy…like I need to purchase something, and purchase it quickly. This is bad dude, very bad.

  2. How wonderful to be with all of those Aunties, to have such fun! And look what you have been making. Have a great weekend. Cold is coming…wind and rain and snow, probably for you. Be safe on that bus! Wind and rain definitely for me. The wood stove is going. Sometimes snow.
    It’s always so great to see what you and your family are doing. Thanks..e

  3. hi sara, its cousin Jen. great pictures of trick-or-treat. I would like to learn the cable stitch. if you could, please call my mom! see ya later!

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