I don’t need to walk around in circles…

The beginning of my week was tough and scary and I am, generally speaking, a very upbeat wacky kinda girl so I needs me some funny back. I was talking about this with my sister the other day so it seems appropriate.
I’ve decided to start one of those horrible memes – mwahahahah

Name your favorite guilty pleasure movies and your most favorite scene from each.
Not the best films, nothing Oscar worthy, or deeply moving, I’m talking cheese, camp and schlock. Name as many or few as you have/want. I’ll probably stop back here on occasion and add more. I’m not going to tag anyone. I just ask that if you choose to participate, leave me a comment or link back to this post.

Now for the guinea pigging…
1.) Hudson Hawk; voted worst movie of 1991 by me and a bunch of my ridiculous 12th grade friends on a night we should have been studying our lines for the fall musical.
*Andy MacDowell “talking” to the dolphins; makes me laugh every time. And don’t overlook the fact that this is arguably David Caruso’s best performance ever, as Kit Kat – he never talks! HA!
(Ike. Do your impersonation of David Caruso’s career!)
2.) Coming to America; one of the first movies my Dad ever owned on VHS, I very nearly had it memorized at one point in my life.
* Eric La Salle’s jerry curl and the stains it leaves on the couch!
3.) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; C’mon. You know that it wasn’t even close to the caliber of the first and third. Heck, if it wasn’t for the fact that he met his second, and current wife, on the set I would wonder if Spielberg was even actually involved.
* “Oooo. Ah-chilled monkey brains!” What a feast.
4.) Once Bitten; Lauren Hutton in peak form as a vicious vampiress, Cleavon Little looking dapper as her butler and longtime companion and Jim Carrey as the goofy and lovable teenage lead before anyone knew who he was.
* The unlikely “dance-off” between Jim’s girlfriend and Ms. Hutton where the girlfriend wins and saves him from being vampiricized even after he was an ass to her.



This is the best thing, and the very most hard

My sister and nephew were in a car accident yesterday.
They’re Ok. More bumped and bruised than anything else.
It scared the shit out of me. I literally could do nothing until my Mom called back to say that they were alright.
She’s my only sister, my only sibling, the only “other” I have. She’s my backup drive, the only other place that most of my pre-18 memories are stored. I shy away from facing the inevitable truth that I will probably have to bury my parents someday but the thought that my sister would go before me never entered my mind. I’m supposed to go first, I’m older.

Selfish? Childish? Probably.

I’m just glad they’re OK and I get to keep my sis, my Eli.

She’s mad and she’ll take her mattress with her…

Quick post.
Odessa hat 2 done for Saeb, mittens and scarf in the works. I have yarn and beads for Aurelia’s set but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it ;}
Ornaments are half done for the swap. I’ll be announcing the give-away contest next week so keep an eye out. I have 3 extras plus additional goodies.


Someday I’ll get over you…

Today is cleaning day.
My FIL is coming tomorrow to help the hubby replace some cracked and broken windows and if I’m ever going to find a place for a tree this place needs some cleanin’

The girls are working on their room, I’m in the kitchen and we’ll meet in the living room. I haven’t entertained the thought of asking them to help out in the bathroom yet, I’ll take care of that on my own.

I don’t have to worry about dinner, leftovers and all, so I should be able to dive into the crafty goodness late this afternoon.
Till then I’m listening to this, – my favorite forgotten album!

and daydreaming of leafing through my copy of this.


Sittin’ on top of the world with your legs hanging free…

T-minus 21 hours and counting.
apple-crust.jpg pecan-crust.jpg pumpkin-crust.jpg
Once again this year we are headed off to my Dad’s for Thanksgiving Day celebrations. I am halfway done with my food obligations; apple, pecan and pumpkin pies as well as turnips for my BIL. I am looking forward to Dad’s turkey gravy, my aunt making g-grandma’s stuffing and my sister’s green bean casserole.

I am off till next Monday so I hope to get a ton of crafting in this weekend. I’ll try for an update on Sunday.

Tonight I’m going over to my Mom and Sister’s house for some happy girlyness with all the ladies in the family. Wine, fondue and good times.

Be happy, healthy and safe this weekend.



80 pages down 20 more to go.
Patrick agrees that I must be totally insane. Why? Because it’s not enough that I’m sewing up 15 little chickens with beaded bittersweet for the ornament swap, nope, I’m also embroidering matching motifs from the chicken’s main bodies onto their wings in coordinating colors. Yeah, and there will be more beading after sewing and stuffing.
Kah – razee.


On the lee side…

Today I have 100+ pages to read for a test tomorrow – so I’m blowing off some steam.
2 things that burn my biscuits.

1.) Loestrin 24 Fe Hawking their 3-day period birth control pill on my television.
I’m not saying that I have anything against the pill, on the contrary I think its great. I’m just totally disgusted with their marketing ploys.
a.) who wants to be bothered with 7 WHOLE DAYS of being able to do nothing!
They show the girl sadly looking at her calendar and knowing that she can’t go on that camping trip with her boyfriend because of her period.
*Learn how to plan better!
b.) they also play up the fact that this will lessen or elimate acne.
Great! Yeah, yeah, this is a good thing to use if you’re sexually active and not ready for kids but really, It’ll clear your face up!! That’s what’s important!
*See a dermatologist, don’t mess with your reproductive system for better skin.

Is our ability to propagate the human race such an inconvenience? Would we rather just stick it in a jar and shove it to the back of the cabinet until we’re ready to use it because it interferes with our plans and guys think its icky. Can’t we celebrate that it is an essential part of our womanhood, that the ebb and flow of life exists in our wombs.

2.) Are we actually worshipping cars now?!?

Isn’t gospel music the vocal expression of devotion and love for the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and his father, the Almighty? Isn’t this a little golden calf-ish?
* This season on American False Idols; Sex, Money or Cars? Who will win your votes!
Not that I’m religious, haven’t been to church regularly in over a decade but this just feels dirty to me.

I’m going to go finish my book and try to find things that don’t tick me off.
Hopefully a happier, crafty post later today or tomorrow.


She doesn’t care whether or not he’s an island…

 This is my friend Matt and that is what is left of his cardboard fence.


Idn’t he adorable! The local paper did a piece on him here.
He really is one of the best 22 year-olds I have met in a long time. He’s sweet, funny, polite, an artist, rides a motor cycle, doesn’t mind working with kids and is super cute ta boot!
We work together, yes he drives a school bus, and he’s an art major at UMass.
He has an art exhibit on campus in Dec that will feature pictures and film of his fence breaking down and a couple other elements expressing the impermanence of art. I have astronomy that night so I’ll probably pop in before class begins. I’ll try to get pics for you.
I am constantly amazed by the people I meet in this world.

I could say more but Patrick just made caramel corn and it smells overwhelmingly Delicious! I must go have some.


Building a Mystery

A little extra fall color.  She’s for sale here. More pics here.
She’s in the shop. I’d be happy to make a few “me” versions – a doll that looks like the recipient. Let me know if you’d like one. I have time and room in the schedule to do about 4 more before the holidays.


Fake Plastic Trees

* see the bottom of the post for update*

After answering a pile of questions for Carina the other day and signing up for the ornament swap – sorry folks its closed – I got to thinking, thinking about clay, polymer clay to be specific. I used to have quite a stash of clay – well, I still have it actually, all packed up nice and neat in a Coboodles of all things, but it has lived in the garage for almost 6 years and the seasonal temperature extremes out there have effectively cooked it out of any use I might have for it. Sure if I want permanent, cut up, misshapen block of colored clay I’m all set.

An idea started to roll around in my head and today I got the stuff to do it with, well I only needed the clay, the rest I had out in the garage. As soon as I got home, from a lovely lunch with my Mom and Dan and one child lighter (they were kind enough to take responsibility for my youngest for 24 hours), I tore into the perfect little square packages. I had forgotten about the one line that divides the block evenly in half on the one side and the seven on the other. I had also forgotten how freakin’ hard this stuff is! After five full minutes I still had a ball with large visible swirls of color. I should mention that I made this “return-to-clay” project easy on myself by deciding to mix 3 colors to get the one I wanted. You will please note that there is virtually NO difference between the two mustardy-brown colors other than the fact that one has sparkle. The white? It’s actually translucent; I remember liking what this did to colors when mixed in.
3-fimos.jpg bits-of-fimo.jpg fimo-after-5-minutes.jpg
Right. How did I use to do this? After knocking down the door on the storage shed of my memories I remembered the snake method. Roll it out, twist it up, squish it together and roll again. Less than a minute later I had a nice homogenous ball 🙂
fimo-snake.jpg fimo-twist.jpg fimo-bits.jpg
Three hours later I am done with the project. No I don’t have finished pics yet, the damn things are 230 degrees! …cuz polymer clay has to be baked to be firm

I’ll show you what I made tomorrow when they are cool and I have decent daylight to take pictures with. I hate using the flash. Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to work out the other part of the ornaments… and connect them…

Update  : pics of finishes bits, enjoy! 


bright-bittersweet.jpg bittersweet-bunch.jpg 

Conceptually they are bittersweet berries. I wasn’t aiming for complete realism, just the impression of them with some pretty sparkle. And these are totally being accompanied by chickens, I found the perfect fabric at the Salvation Army yesterday – an old sleeping bag!