The Long and Winding Road

The only reason I wish I’d brought my camera on Saturday was for the view. I’ll get to that.

Karen, the WEBS Store Mgr, picked me up at 6ish on Sat morning and we headed down to the store to get ready for the trip. Our Peter Pan bus was already there with Driver Dave rearin’ to go. I think he was confused by a bus full of women wanting to go to what he repeatedly called a “country fair” 🙂
I got to direct traffic and sent most of the cars to park behind the building for the day, and at 7:30 we pulled out of the parking lot, everyone accounted for and on time. The good folks at WEBS included a goody bag with maps, Eucalan samples, needles, Classic Elite Duchess yarn and a pattern for a cabled hat. We headed down 91 and hopped onto 90 west and here is where I missed the camera. Coming down into the Berkshire valley in Lee, up and over into West Stockbridge the views were breathtaking. I shouldn’t be surprised by that, I grew up over there after all, but still! The sun was behind us, the foliage was at absolute peak perfection and all the little valleys were filled with mist. Calendar perfect pics folks
We got to the Duchess County Fairgrounds around 10 and the ladies off the bus, through the Main gate and gone in less than 2 minutes. I started my wander through with Karen and Gail, the Kangaroo Dyer and the first thing we saw was… a Kangaroo! Gail was just tickled. I made it as far as the first barn with them and I got happily tied up talking to Barb Jager of Jager Farm Icelandics in Haydenville. After that I wandered pretty much solo for the next 4 hours – it was glorious. I saw the Harlot but let her have the privacy to shop since I’ve already met her and I knew she was fighting the flu, I ran into Katy several times, hawking Melissa’s book – There’s a SECRET inside!! That was me, not Katy, she was much more subtle and restrained with postcards and stickers –
I ran into Jess, and got a button (whee!) I saw Melissa and Amy, Dena and Mary, a couple of lovely teachers from NJ that I had helped to find the perfect sock yarn a few weeks back at the store, and of course the Ravelry/Blogger Bingo mosh pit that happened at noon.
I said hi to Stitchy and made plans for dinner with the boys, I crossed off a few squares (Cece was actually on the bus with me so I cheated a bit and had her crossed off by 8am) but really – Holy mass of humanity Batman! I only lasted about 15 minutes and I just couldn’t stand the crowd anymore – nothing wrong with any of them! They were just too many for me. So, I headed over for some famous Artichokes French, just trust me – best green vegetable at a fair Evar! I ate lunch under an awesome oak tree, wandered into the food hall, sampled some wine and cheese and sweets, bought some peanutbutter fudge and ended back up with Karen and Gail.
Somewhere in there I managed to pick up a few things from Autumn House Farm, Hudson Valley Sheep&Wool Co, Simpler Thyme and Jager Farm. We made it back to the Happy Valley at 6 and I was sound asleep at home by 9.  Oh. And I started a Clapotis on the bus.
A great trip, I loved not having to drive, walking the barns alone but running into people that I enjoy and seeing all those happy faces. Yarn! Fiber! Needles! Animals! Wheels! Absolutely to be repeated in 12 months.
autumn-house-farm-sock-yarn.jpg best-soap-evar.jpg hudson-valley-sheepwool-co-sock-yarn.jpg jaeger-farms-icelandic-laceweight-circus-tent.jpg
webs-give-away-goodies.jpg icelandic-minis.jpg bagged-rhinebeck-goodies.jpg clapotis-in-progress.jpg


4 thoughts on “The Long and Winding Road

  1. That sounds so awesome! Next year, I think I have to find a way to go. But a bus sounds really good; let someone else drive! I’ll knit, thank you!
    The Clapotis is looking really good, and the yarn is scrumptious.

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