My Favorite Plum


Right. So.
You’ve made all the apple sauce you can fit in your biggest pan. You’ve made apple pies. You’ve told the kids to “Go get an apple!” every time they have asked for a snack for the past 2 weeks.
What’s a family to do when there’s still a peck left?

Make cider 🙂
saeb-grinding-apples.jpg re-grinding-apples.jpg pressing-the-mash.jpg apple-cider.jpg
The last few years we have had our own press – thanks to the hard work of the Hubby – but we used to cut and core the apples before placing then in a food processor to get our mash. It felt too high tech, like we were cheating somehow. So, the Hubby made a grinder and we tried it out this afternoon. He builds stuff good.

I’ve been cutting, sewing, and dyeing up Halloween costumes for most of the afternoon I’ll be able to finish up in the evenings this week.
Yesterday in Rhineback was an exhausting blast. I did not take my camera, I figured every other blogger in the world would have pics and I could send you over to see them if you choose. I’ll have pics of my goodies and a full story later tonight or tomorrow. Right now we’re off to the opening of the new playground at the Bean’s school.



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