Yup, wicked good

Kim Werker is awesome. Not only is she adorable and completely captivating in person but she is lovely and sweet and has a hysterical family to boot.

Her book launch party for Crochet Me – the book, was today at Webs and it was a blast. It was the kind of event you hope for as a spectator and the kind you pray for as a business owner. There was a great, enthusiastic crowd, Kim’s presentation of the material was informative, funny, touching and moved at a great pace and the trunk show was amazing.

I didn’t take pics of the sweaters – go get yourself a copy of the book, or better yet, get a copy at one of her events and you can see the garments for yourself 🙂

I have my signed copy of the book and I just need to decide if I’m going to make the Victorian Wrap, Mesmerize, or Leaves first!

Right at the end, as wine was being spilled and wine glasses were getting broken – I told you it was a good time – Jess from Ravelry stopped by. Double Whammy!

I Kinneared them both. That’s Kim Werker – oh so chic, and Jess with Kathy Elkins
kinneared-kim-werker.JPG kinneared-jess-and-kathy.JPG
AH, another awesome day in Sara-ville. Sadly though I missed a birthday party for my friend’s middle daughter but I was able to send along the Hubby and munchikins with a great gift. I’ll elaborate tomorrow, with pics



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