The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Quick reminder to enter the contest if you haven’t already! Some good guesses so far.
I found this pic today and it made me smile – its from last spring.
Today I am pondering future projects (while reading, and reading and reading for class. I swear this is some partnered conspiracy between the Book publishing world and Universities to make us buy as many books as possible now because they don’t believe that we’ll read for pleasure as “adults”. Seriously for 2 classes I’m looking at 300+ pages per week. Stupid degree.)

I’m hoping, someday, to make thisfor my FIL. I think he’d like it AND use it. He’s a sweater man.
A couple of these for the girls for the holidays.
One of these for my Mom for the Holidays, with this. I know, I know, I can’t believe I haven’t made one yet either 🙂

I have so many ideas in so many different directions and it makes me feel unfocused sometimes. I’d love to have the time to just sit and bang all this stuff out but I know me, and given a week off from work and school I will probably do more napping, movie watching and cooking than anything else. Maybe if I can get the Hubby to stick around on those days I’ll get stuff done – he’s a great motivator!


( now with improved linky goodness) 

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