The Winner Takes It All

First, a contest.
Then some chatter 🙂

Can you tell me what this is and why I would be using it at this time of year?
mystery-tool-1.JPG mystery-tool-2.JPG mystery-tool-3.JPG
Comment or e-mail me, Chicken Betty at G mail dot com, by noon on Friday 10/12. If more than one person guesses correctly then I’ll draw for the winner. That person will win a sock kit complete with yummy hand-dyed yarn, needles, stitch markers and a surprise goody (there’s a story for this one, too). Best of luck!

Yesterday’s plethora of finished tasks has spilled over into today. I have finished 60 pages for my History class, e-mailed my project group for my Child Dev. Class, scrubbed and waxed my kitchen floor, folded three baskets of laundry and washed 2 more, made lunch:
Super easy! Auntie Nan’s Taco salad. 1 Head lettuce , 1lb ground beef browned and
drained, 1 can kidney beans, 2 cups shredded cheese, 1 med bottle of Catalina salad
dressing and Doritoes to taste. It’s a fun and easy quick lunch.
I am currently prepping 3 dinners – freezer meals for nights I’m not home this week, sketching out costume patterns between chopping and sautéing, knitting a modified Hallowig and working on some holiday gifts.

I’ve been listening to Dave Brubeck while putzing around today. Take Five is running its course as I type this and I love it. My favorite part is the end of the ever so understated drum solo when the percussion has quieted to a point where you stop to pay attention because if the drummer is playing that low he must be doing something that you wouldn’t want to miss and BAM! Like a feather pillow in a dark room that saxophone comes back in to get you groovin’. Ah.

The hubby has gone grocery shopping, washed some dishes, rototilled the back yard – really though its like 40x 20 feet and nothing likes to grow there because its all clay and SO compacted, mixed in about a barrel of sand, some lime and laid some grass seed. Now he’s laying down a layer of leaf mulch and we’re all crossing our fingers that we’ll see green in the spring. Then he might blow a big leaf pile for the girls to jump in before the rain comes tonight.

The girls have folded their own laundry, played with the neighbors, fought with each other, helped a bit in the kitchen, done some drawing, reading, annoyed each other, eaten a good lunch and hummed all day without being aware that they were doing it.


9 thoughts on “The Winner Takes It All

  1. I am not going to guess. It would be unfair, because I, and my entire family at the moment know exactly what that is, what it’s for and why they are wholly sick to death of it. We’ll see how they feel when the jars open in mid-winter…

  2. Can I guess? It is indeed a food mill, I have one, my Dutch father in-law insisted I have it for making his famous tomato-meatball soup. You can disregard my guess though…I’ve already won a nice prize back from CB Inc. once this year. Isn’t there a rule in the fine print about winning two prizes within 12 months??!

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  4. I had not considered pumpkin. I was really focused on applesaue, apple butter, apple whathave you. Because it’s apple season. And we’re all lousy with the things. And pumpin is a low acid food so not easy to can. And my family so dreads the sight of the food mill now, from weeks of slicing, dicing, chopping. prepping, boiling, pressurizing, drying, mashing. saucing….

  5. just found your sweet, sweet and funny blog..
    I think a food mill is probably the correct guess, but admittedly my first thought was a steamer.. I have one that is similar to what you are showing!! use it all the time and I love it because it fits into a variety of saucepots..

  6. Ok, darn it – I thought it was a popcorn popper at first… now that I read everyone else’s guesses I’m thinking it’s one of those things you put tomatoes in to puree for sauce…. I would like to be entered… but I’m not sure which guess to choose! Em (emandmikeyATaolDOTcom)

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