Getting It Done

This is “getting stuff done” weekend at our house.
We’ve borrowed a roto-tiller from friends and have turned over the garden. We’ve fed and turned the compost piles. The girls – with some help – have cleaned out, vacuumed and washed both cars. Aurelia had a brownie meeting in there somewhere and its only 3:30.

I still have 2 Halloween costumes to make, a little bit of work on some dolls, some knitting- socks plus, crochet, dishes, laundry and reading for classes.

Pics of projects in the works:

Fruit stripes socks
fruit-stipre-sock-top.JPG fruit-stripe-sock-up-close.JPG
Luna Lovegood’s Scarf
salina-yarn.JPG salina-yarn-up-close.JPG
Delectable Autumn socks
auracania-sock-yarn.JPG auracania-up-close.JPG
Princess Leia Hair
berkshire-vy-brown.JPG berkshire-vy-up-close.JPG


One thought on “Getting It Done

  1. Wow … I don’t know how you do it! I don’t even have two little ones at home and I don’t have the energy you do. But then I have Startitosis and really have to concentrate more on one thing to complete it. And if I had all the things to do that you do, I’d never finish anything, LOL.

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