A Bit Toothy

Beaver done this!
beaver-work.JPG above-the-road.JPG
Most of my bus route is seriously rural. Boonies. Middle-of-nowhere. 25mph.
I drive one part for 10 minutes without picking up any kids because there are no houses for kids to live in. Somewhere in that stretch is this beaver pond. I’m not sure if you can tell from the photo, and I never noticed until I was up in the bus, but the water level is above the road. It’s even above the level of the stonewall that holds it all in. Pretty cool stuff.
It’s surrounded by nice second-growth forest that is slowly turning into swamp but that’s OK with me. I like swamps.

Geek tidbit alert!

Back in the day the hubby and I were mildly into Magic: the card game.
My deck was all Blue and Black, water and swamps.

Hey, whaddaya want I’m am Aquarius

Oh and Aurelia lost 3 front teeth last week. Yup, three. I don’t know how the kid is handling solid food and she sounds damn funny. Pics as soon as I can get her to sit still.



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