Chance of a Lifetime

I am one in a million.

Yes Mom, I know that I always was in your eyes but seriously. I am one of 47 people in the US (pop. 301,139,947) that can do what I now can do – though not very well, yet.
So, that actually makes me one in 6,407,232.

What, you ask, is it that I don’t do very well yet that you do not do?
The Mittens of Rovaniemi, that’s what, well, maybe just a cuff from Rovaniemi.
my-color-choices.JPG mittens-of-rovaniemi.JPG mittens-up-close.JPG
These things are impossible, like literally you should not be able to do this but you can if you have Susanna Hansson teaching you. This woman and her friend Lene are geniuses.

I cannot tell you how. Why? Well. Besides the fact that I’m not sure that I could teach this to anyone without at least two years of work on my technique, Susanna very nicely asked that we not share the how to because…..

You’ll be able to read all about it and try it for yourself in the Jan/Feb issue of Piecework! Do it people! If you have a chance to take a workshop, mittens, bohus, whatever, DO IT!

She pointed out to us at one point that about 2/3 of the class had picked out colors for their cuffs that matched or coordinated with what they were wearing.
(Melissa, you know, that we all know, that that cuff will match everything in your wardrobe except what you were wearing on Sat ;P )
why-do-i-match.JPG all-our-cuffs.JPG my-cuff-and-chart.JPG
I am so happy to have been able to take this class, to meet Susanna, learn this technique and spend the day with those 13 other women, among them:
Melissa, Tamara, Mary, Laura, Carol, Lisa, Liz, Laura, Teresa, Lani and Pixie too.  We even have a fans of Susanna group on Ravelry now! Yarn Geeks all.
What a great time. I could seriously sit here and write about this experience for another 2 hours but I have kiddos to get into bed, 30 pages to read for my history class and some laundry to fold but what I’ll probably do is go rip out my cuff, all of it, and start again on larger needles to get a better gauge – US 00 was just too small for me. Oh and check out the bruise the needle gave me!

P.S. – This is what Patrick thinks of what I learned on Saturday. Ha!


3 thoughts on “Chance of a Lifetime

  1. Not quite everything…but yeah, a good deal of it. But I am trying to branch out. Barbara and Pixie and Mary talked me into some blue-y purple-y stuff for a tilted duster. Totally Un-Me.

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