My Fair Lady

How do you spend the perfect day at the fair without losing your shirt?

1.) Drop the kids off so they can spend two hours working out bunches of energy throwing candy at kids along the parade route.
2.) Bring along some grandparents – in this case, Pat’s Mom and Dad.

3.) Pick up the kids at the end of the parade and go get a hearty brunch.
4.) Head back up to the fair, watch tractor pulls, visit the petting zoo, and win a few earthworm races!
5.) Let the girls pick 2 rides because tickets are $1 each and each ride is 2 – 5 tickets per person and Mommy is the only one that will ride these things with you. – Mummy Boat and Farris Wheel! Immediately after the mummy ride begins yell at the operator to stop it because your 6 year old is going to lose her hearty brunch
6.) Console your 6 year old – who thankfully kept everything down.
7.) Ride the Carousel twice – we are now afraid of big rides and our stomachs and we need Mommy to stay – console your Mommy because after spinning for 6 minutes SHE is now feeling sick.
8.) Ride the DragonLand ride with your sister because you’ve both forgotten about your big ride fears.

9.) Stop by the Great Pumpkin Patch to see the biggest pumpkins in the WORLD (um, town)
10.) Head home, take serious naps and end the day with an awesome bonfire.



3 thoughts on “My Fair Lady

  1. It sounds like a wonderful day to me! I love the girls in their Daisy and Brownie uniforms! I have a Daisy troop and we’re doing our investiture ceremony this Thursday night! I’m so excited! Em

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