Sampson she ain’t

Patrick says we should just shave her head bald and then she wouldn’t have anything left to cut – my fear there is that she would resort to cutting her sister’s hair.

Um, so yeah. She did it again. Only this time it was her eyebrow, with a razor the day before school pictures. ,(Suddenly I’m in the mood to play Clue) Its not horrible and I’m probably the only one who would notice, besides my mother, but Damn! We’re hoping this is the end of hair cutting, and yes, we’re putting all the razors out of reach, again.

Click for bigger. Here you will also find Aurelia’s mutant tooth and both girls swinging and sticking their tongues out. So lovely.
the-missing-eyebrow.jpg the-big-tooth.jpg the-girls-on-swings.jpg

And just so you don’t think that my crafting has fallen out of my schedule – dueling socks.
One is for the store, its Melissa’s Sweetpea pattern (I just can’t not like making these) in Classic Elite’s Alpaca Sox. The other is a Monkey in Schaefer Anne – I’m liking this one a lot too but it’s for a gift, as you can tell by the long leg – remember, I have cankles and make short socks for me : )
dueling-socks.jpg pink-lady-sweetpea.jpg monkey-anne.jpg


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