You Spin Me Right Round, Baby…Right Round

Ok, Ok. I had big plans for today. I wanted to sew up a new school bag, do some finishing work on my dolls, dishes, laundry and “The Great Bi-annual Seasonal Clothes Swap”.
You all know what I mean – summer clothes out, winter clothes in. This is a slightly more complicated process than one might think since we have two opposite season daughters (they were born in opposite seasons). This means that we have to guess at which clothes that currently belong to Aurelia will still fit Saebra come next spring. This is doubly complicated by Aurelia’s complete lack of hips (she’s all legs folks!) and Saebra’s slightly thicker physique. So we end up with three piles, one for next summer, one to pass on to a friend with 2 little girls and one to send along to the Goodwill. Once that’s all done I have to go out to the garage and grab the bags that we put away last fall and the bags that have been handed down from other family members that contain NOW seasonally appropriate clothes – Phew!

Yeah, well. We got through all the clothes in the house, and then I got my Ravelry invite.
It’s now 9:30 and I don’t remember feeding the kids lunch. I could spend the next week playing with that thing but I got a bunch of projects in and detailed and I think I can limit myself to weekend updates. I think.

Can I just quote Sam from Quantum Leap here and say, “Oh Boy!”
I’m relaxing now and sliding downhill to sleepytime. I’m working up a pair of socks for the store in Classic Elite Alpaca Sox color1856. And no, I haven’t added this project to ravelry, yet.



2 thoughts on “You Spin Me Right Round, Baby…Right Round

  1. I don’t think I’ve admitted to anyone in my family just how much time I spent putting up my projects in Ravelry. I…just…couldn’t…walk…away. I dreamt about my projects, yarns, other projects, books. I thought of details I wanted to add and got up in the middle of the night. My parents gave me a generous gift at the end of June, watching our children for the better part of a week. I squandered most of that time on Ravelry, but now it is done and I’m so pleased.

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