Cuts Like a Knife

So, Saebra’s haircutting history.

When she was 2, she moved from a toddler room to a preschool room at her Preschool. She moved into Copper Beech with Miss Chris and Miss Karen and a gaggle of student assistants. Both of our girls were fortunate enough to attend the Child Care Center at UMass. Fabulous people, great program, subsidies for student parents and happy kids – good, good, good. Aurelia had started right away in the preschool, Maple Hill classroom, because she was 4 when we enrolled them, but Saeb was only 1 ½  so she started with the other infants and toddlers in River Birch (seeing a theme here? There was also Elm, Walnut Grove and Snowbell)
The biggest change, aside from being potty trained, in Copper Beech was the availability of all products at all times. There were stations throughout the room and the kids could choose their own, supervised, activities. Saebra was one of the youngest in her classroom and one of the student assistants must have been distracted…

When I picked Saeb up, I squatted down to give her hugs and ask her about her day. When I did I noticed stray hairs on her dress, her hairs, then I looked at her real close and noticed a whole chunk of her hair – right along either side of her part, looked like it had been buzz cut. So I asked her if she had cut her hair. She denied it but then I asked if she had used scissors in her hair

“Yeah, gween ones”

She was given the big talk about scissors and the teachers were urges to only let her use scissors under close watch and they were good about it for a year. The next fall when all new student assistants started she did it again, same spot. Its been 2 years, that we know about, since she cut it and I was really surprised – I thought she had moved past that fascination, apparently not. Truth be told we were always kinda worried that Saeb would cut her sister’s hair at some point but hopefully we’ll continue to avoid that one!
This is a pic of Saebra and my Mom at Aurelia’s 4th birthday party. If you look close you can see that her hair is thin and growing back right around her part.

That’s my baby



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