…and a couple of tra la las

School pictures are next week.

Saebra went after her hair with scissors when no one was looking and hid the locks in her backpack. Some of you will remember that she has a history of this.

Aurelia has been asking for us to cut her hair for most of the last month – she wants to be cute. I suspect she doesn’t want to deal with knots and snarls anymore.

So, once again, and without a visit to a costly salon (Saeb wants to know if she can use her birthday money next year to get her hair cut at the Beauty Lawn) my girls have short hair, again.


4 thoughts on “…and a couple of tra la las

  1. Hair in the backpack is nothing OtherMelissa. You ain’t seen nothing. Girl once hid a turkey aorta in her bedroom in a cup of water so she could “study it more”. I only found it when the smell of rotting meat was overpowering. It had been a homeschool dissection. She was enamored with the heart. I am lucky she only stole the aorta.

    I won’t even tell you what the boys did.

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