A Stitch in Time

Have I ever mentioned my childhood love for all things Holly Hobbie?

I had my trusty companion HH doll and a lot of similarly themed bits in my bedroom and I was a devotee of Little House.

I still have quite a bit of HH stuff, 4 collectible plates hanging in my bedroom, some framed cards, a huge cardboard cut-out, stamps, my lunchbox, w/ thermos, that I got at the flea market last year and my sunbonnet sue quilt that my G-grandmother hand quilted for me at birth – I promise a pic at another time 😉
A couple years ago my mother found my Holly Hobbie doll, beat up and missing her hair and it started a few wheels rolling in the back of me head. The wheels are moving closer to the front now and making my hands actually do things! Hopefully I’ll have a finished doll to show you later this weekend. For now, here is a pic of my bonnet pattern pieces – from old wall paper – ready to be cut out.
Incidentally, I have met Ms. Holly Hobbie. Yes. She is a real person and lives not far from me. She was quiet and delightful and is quite a successful children’s author in her own right – check her out, her kids too!

I’m off to a craft fair tomorrow to sell some jewelry and bits


3 thoughts on “A Stitch in Time

  1. What a happy sweet face she has. I love Toot and Puddle books and always loved Hollie Hobby, although she came too late for my little girlhood.
    I am attempting to embroider some Sunbonnet Sue, but I am not too happy with my outline stitch at this point. It’s been so long since I embroidered. I can’t wait to see yours.

  2. Did I ever tell you my whole room was Holly Hobby when I was a kid? The wallpaper is probably still under the 2 other wallpapers my father used to in the room after they thought I out grew it.

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