Hear the Noise of My Brain


Originally uploaded by Chicken Betty

In 1982 there was a television movie from Rankin/Bass called The Flight of Dragons. John Ritter was the voice of the main character, Peter Dickenson a sort of DandD science geek.

The plot synopsis (from IMDB.com): … the realm of magic is being threatened by the realm of logic, so Carolinus, the green wizard decides to shield it for all time. Ommedon, the evil red wizard, stands in his way. Carolinus then calls for a quest that is to be led by a man named Peter Dickinson, who is the first man of both the realms of science and magic. It is Peters job to defeat Ommedon.

I mention this because, well, I love R/B movies – favorite childhood stuff and all – anyway…I have tree frogs. Tonight I have lots of them. LOTS and they are so noisy it almost hurts if I step outside and it made me think of this movie. Specifically a scene where Peter, now in dragon form, along with his other quest companions are sitting around a campfire when they are surrounded by sandmerks whose chattering will drive anything insane. Yup, that’s what those frogs sound like – insanity.

Here’s the clip if you’re interested. The chattering starts around the 3:30 mark but go back and watch the while thing if you have time, it’s a hoot and one of my favs.



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