It’s Just a Little Pinprick

I participated in the Country Cellar’s pin cushion exchange last month and I’ve just been waiting for my partner to get hers before posting. The first was inspired by something I saw on Etsy and the second is my version of a stack of collectible coins : )
mushroom-cushion-front.jpg mushroom-cushion-back.jpg
I’ll be working some more on dolls today and I’ll try to gets some pics if I can finish one to satisfaction.
coins-cushion-side.jpg coins-cushion-bottom.jpg coins-cushion-top.jpg


3 thoughts on “It’s Just a Little Pinprick

  1. Whoo-hooo!!!! Those little lovelies live in MY sewing room now! The box came yesterday, Sara – and you outdid yourself, girl! You do really fine handwork, (I’m envious); and so creative. The detail in that mushroom is amazing! Thanks so much!
    ((Ooops — now there’s no ‘leave a comment’ button, only a reply to Ellens…..but you know what I meant)

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