Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This first bit is for Marti. Girl, I have crooked fingers too, see.


I’m also working on one of Luna Lovegood’s sweaters from OotP. I’ve chosen Valley Yarns Stockbridge in periwinkle on an H crochet hook. I did some crazy calculation that surely only make sense in my own head and I did up a swatch. Now I just need to dive into the actual sweater and keep track of everything that I do so I can write up the pattern.
periwinkle-stockbridge.jpg loony-ideas.jpg looney-swatch.jpg


6 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. I love your sketches and your swatch for the Luna Sweater. I just learned to crochet this summer and was thinking about this as a project. Any chance your going to make the pattern available to others?

    • Classic American Mutt! English, Dutch, Irish, Scottish, French, and German, with a dash of Native American. 🙂

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