On My Own

There’s my grumble going to school on her first day. She must have had a great time because she didn’t stop talking about it until she went to bed. In EXTREME detail.
“Um, Mom, first I got on the bus and Sissy told Ann(the bus driver) that she was supposed to go to C house at her school and not A house because Ann dropped her off at A house yesterday which is wrong. So, Sissy let her know about that. Then the bus drove to my school and there was a person waiting for me and me and the 3 other kids left on the bus…Mom, they were kindergarteners too. One was Justin and there were two more, I made friends with one girl but I don’t know anybody else’s name…then we waited in the-“

“Sissy. Do you know the name of the room that you went into after you got off the bus while you waited for your teacher?” (Aurelia was at the same school last year but is at a new school this year)

“Yes! It’s the Multi-purpose room. (sticks out tongue) Anyway (scowl at her sister) then we sat in a line and waited for Mrs. Murphy to come get us. Then we went through the brown door and down the stairs and down the hallway. Mom, I saw the girls bathroom again, I know where it is…
She described just about every moment of her day and I wish you could hear her do it, especially those of you who’ve never heard my youngest talk. She has a low, slightly gravelly voice, a touch of what sounds like a Boston accent and just some of the most odd and adorable speech/pause patterns.

Well, since I have the house to myself for the next 4 hours I’m going to get everything ready for dinner and then go work on some dolls – pics soon.



5 thoughts on “On My Own

  1. This is completely off topic as it relates to this post, but it’s in response to the bent middle finger thing. Now that I look at both my hands, they’re both bent as well. The left moreso than the right. Hey, maybe we’re identical hand twins!! (hope you’re a Friends fan, otherwise that just won’t make any sense).

  2. I can hear her talking a mile a minute in my head as I read what you wrote. Aaah, the excitement of the first day of school … a time to remember.

    My left hand’s middle finger curves to the left also. More like a curve then a bend. Do you think that might be a “knitter’s” hand?

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