The Wind is Very Still…

Mom! MOM!!
Ok. So. I was doodling new designs for dolls yesterday and swatching a sweater and doing a bit of cooking and I caught myself humming Starfish. I guess my mind dug it out of the subconscious because yesterday was a bittersweet day. So I decided to look it up on YouTube and see if it was there IT was! And I balled through all 50 seconds. That little girl’s sweet voice, the flute, the music box chimes in the background…
I could see the sun coming through your Priscilla curtains onto the hardwood floor in the upstairs apt. on First Street. I could see Grandma’s quilt on your bed and my knees poking out of whatever skirt or dress I was wearing. Man I’m crying all over again. We were sitting together and my 5 year-old mind must have just thought it was the perfect moment in my life. So I had my good cry thinking about that and how my kids are growing up too fast and then to cheer myself up I decided to see what else I could find like:
The Alligator King
The Ladybug’s Picnic
The Coolest Pinball Game Ever!
The Fairy Alphabet

And then I found it Mom, I Found IT!!! I totally don’t remember the bunnies and now it reminds me of the soundtrack to this but look Look LOOK!!!!!

Ah, this moment of adult childhood emersion brought to you by the number 32 and the letters N, U and T.



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