There She Goes, Again

First grade is starting right about now.
This isn’t any easier than last year.
res-new-backpack.jpg waiting-with-sissy.jpg off-to-first-grade.jpg
Tomorrow I’ll be driving and picking up kindergarteners for the first time knowing that Pat is putting Saebra on the bus here for the first time. I’ll be badgering him to get pics so I can post tomorrow. Good luck all you Moms out there – today and tomorrow (or whatever day your babies go off to school) is gonna be tough.



5 thoughts on “There She Goes, Again

  1. The grass is only green because we are horrible about cuting it regularly! its mostly weeds and crab grass:)

    And no – no pattern. just a basic backpack shape, same as last year only a bit bigger so theres room for all the first grader stuff.

  2. I volunteered in a first grade class a couple of years ago…what a hoot. It’s the best age. Just looked at the photo from last year…crazy what a difference a year makes!

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