Transylvania 6-5000

What a beautiful day.
first-fall-leaf.jpg first-fall-color.jpg swing-web.jpg
The first thing I saw when I stepped outside this morning was a pile of leaves on my sidewalk. Do you see that, in the center of the second pic? That golden peachy goodness? That is fall color on my Maple tree and it is not a one tree anomaly, it is happening on all 9 trees – sigh. Hello fall. I also saw this fantastic tiny little spider web, no bigger than my hand. Nice start don’t ya think.
After a brief meeting and a bus ride, the girls and I were back home for the day. They have spent much of that time outside building fairy houses – no pics, they won’t let me and I haven’t been sneaky enough yet – and I have been trying to do something with the 6 bags of fresh garden veggies that one of Pat’s coworkers gifted us with. 5 huge eggplants, thankfully all male so not so much with the bitterness, a bag of yellow squash, green beans, tomatoes, and jalapeño and green bell peppers. I’ve got some salsa done, some eggplant parm/lasagna hybrid thingy that I make and my sister’s favorite summer squash casserole. Done and done. Now I’m off to do some dishes and make some Vampire chicken for dinner.
Ooo, yummy pics of our growing veggies, too! Baby summer squash, still green pumpkin, and the mystery squash that sprouted next to the compost pile.
baby-yellow-squash.jpg first-pumpkin.jpg mystery-squash.jpg


2 thoughts on “Transylvania 6-5000

  1. Are you telling me, with a shape like that, that there are actually male and female eggplants? Whoo…Sounds like a great meal.
    Fall is certainly coming, although it’s felt like that off and on all the summer here. It is weird that this morning when I went out back to do the dog poo removal, I saw the most beautiful orb weaver web. I just didn’t think I could get a picture of it, being photo challenged.

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