She Rocked On

So, I have 4 sewing machines, 5 if you count the mini serger that my MIL is permanently borrowing from me. I have a fantastic serger/overlock that the Hubby got for me for one of our anniversaries a few years ago – Love this machine. I have an in-table 60’s Singer that is missing a drive belt and spool post. I have a 90’s 10-stitch Singer from my Aunt but it has no power cord or foot pedal. Finally I have my beloved, the Kenmore that I have had since the Christmas of 1991, and sadly she has seized and will work no more. What is a girl to do?

She has but to smile coyly at her husband and suggest that he is smart enough and skilled enough to solve this problem for her by wiring the working foot pedal and power cord from the Kenmore onto the Singer. Keep in mind that I totally believed he could do this even though I cringe at the thought of him touching anything else to do with electricity for fear of electrocution, seriously. I hadn’t a concern for his safety on this one; I just doubted whether or not HE would believe he could do it. He did!! I got to do some actual sewing today!! I love that boy.
I was able to get Aurelia’s new backpack ¾ done and I should be able to finish it up tomorrow.
And because I promised – here is a pic of the finished “night blooming” Sweet Pea. I’ll have more info when the pair is finished.


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