All Tuckered Out

Home alone tonight.

The girls were off to a birthday/farewell party for their friend Miss G today. I’m assuming it went well since they are still there.

It’s hot and I’m tired. 7 weeks of driving special needs kids to camp and home again, with each one way trip taking 2 hours or more for only 4-6 kids, has wiped me out. It was the drive and not the kids that has done me in, the kids were, for the most part, some of the sweetest, funniest kids I’ve ever met.
Thankfully I have a few sort-of days off. Monday I have to go get my  bus (from where it has been for maintenance and inspection all summer) for the school year and drive it back up to the town I’m driving in, 70ish miles round trip and Tuesday the girls have dentist appts. and we go to meet Aurelia’s teacher and see her new classroom. She starts 1st grade on Wed and Saebra starts kindergarten on Thursday. I start driving again on Wed so Saeb will be riding with me that day with a stop to visit her classroom and meet her teacher in the middle. They’re both very excited to start school. Saeb got a backpack with her initials from Pat’s parents for her birthday and I have a lovely pile of Tinkerbell fabric to sew up for Re, if I can get one of my 3 sewing machines to work. I have a sock to finish for my second set of SweetPeas, a mermaid for Mel, a crochet sweater that might end up being for the store and a vest that I want to start for me.

Right now I’m going to go splay myself in front of the little AC unit that could in my bedroom and finish my book. If the weather improves a bit I might takes some pics and post tomorrow. Enjoy the end of the summer my darlings – you know you’ll miss it come February. : )



4 thoughts on “All Tuckered Out

  1. Did I guilt you into a blog entry? My bad. 😉 Had fun working with you today! Can’t wait to see that sweater, it’s going to be beautiful. Hope you can find a moment to rest this week! You sound super busy. What book are you reading?

  2. You have had a busy summer! Hope you get one of the sewing machines going. How long will it take to do your regular bus route? Will you have time to go home and do some crafting during the day?
    Hope your Sunday cools off.

  3. You’re back! You were very missed. Almost makes me long for the days of back to school…new supplies, new clothes, old friends but a fresh start…maybe I’ll go out and get myself a pack of pencils or make a pencil case or something. Enjoy the rest of that book…these dog days are almost over.

  4. Oh how I miss you dear friend! It seems that you’re getting a lot done though. Bear and bug both started school this week too. Bug had a blast but still maintains that she’d rather be with me. Bear is enamored with the new teacher and has been in very high spirits upon his return each day. I can’t think of a time when you won’t need the weekends with family and you drive the bus everyday, hmmm, when will we see one another? I’ve got you bookmarked so I expect frequent updates or we’ll lose touch:( LOVES YA!

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