In a Burrow State of Mind

Have I mentioned before that I find Rupert Grint to be utterly adorable?
I love him as Ron Weasley, one of the most fantastic sidekicks ever.

I finished book 7 (no spoilers, I promise) and I just wasn’t ready to let go of any of them. I went back and reread parts when the book wasn’t in Patrick’s hands, I added the first 4 movies to my netflix queue and still needed more.

Historically speaking, Patrick and I have seen all the HP movies together at the theatres and it was looking more and more likely that the only way we would see OotP together was when it came out on DVD. I was sorta bummed by this – I WANT to see it larger than life the first time, there’s a magic to it that’s lost on a small screen.

So, Monday night I was getting ready to go to one of my knitting groups and I was packing up yarn to start a new pair of Sweet Peas (the other pair is done and I need to take pics 😉 ) and I thought I had the perfect yarn picked out. It’s a beautiful variegated orange with bits of brown and green that Gail dyed that I got in a bag of goodies from the store last fall. I was going to call them the Sweet Peatato socks but as I wound the skein and watched the colors go by and felt how soft and cozy it was I knew I had to do something else with it, and my evening.

I called my friend April, told her to meet me at my knitting group, that I needed a Weasley fix, that we were going to go see OotP whether she had seen it yet or not, and that I had something to make her laugh when she picked me up. (btw – loved the film, may drag hubby to see it on Sat night and this time I will not be so engrossed in the visuals and I’ll be able to take notes on the way the colors work in Ron’s plaid jumper, what colors and in what order the stripes appear in Hermione’s great little grey number and especially Luna’s little purple cardi – i can’t wait to get a hook going on that!)

A Weasley sock.
Something I imagine Molly would have made for Fred or George that got handed down to Ron and so has become slumpy and a bit loose. I’m playing with the pattern for now, frogging a bit here and there, I’ll write it up as I make the second one and then I’ll need a few test knitters before I offer the pattern up for public consumption. I am having a stupid amount of fun with this sock.



5 thoughts on “In a Burrow State of Mind

  1. You allowed Harry Potter to come between you and a pair of peas? GASP!

    I still hvae not read a single line of a single Potter book. I know none of the characters by name except the kid with the glasses. And Katy told me something about naked house fairies??

  2. I am so glad you’ve finished it so we can talk about it! This was my favourite HP book. I love the sock. I still need a tutorial on socks, and since winter will creep up soon, I should pop over for one. 🙂 I’m very happy that you enjoyed the book and the movie and as I was reading your post I got a taste of what I feel when I get all “HarryPotterish” on people… ^_^

  3. ahem…they are house elves, not fairies. 🙂

    I’m about a hundred pages from the end, and by far, this is my favourite. Going to the beach later this afternoon all by my lonesome so that I can finish it in style. I’m dying to see the new movie, but we just don’t ever seem to make it to the picture show anymore. The only theatre is about a half hour away, and although they have the odd movie nights here in my wee town at the 100 yr. old stage theatre (with a screen…very quaint, very fun) I missed the HP showings! Darn it all! And I lurve Ralph Fiennes, have been picturing him as You-Know-Who whilst reading this book. So I guess I’ll just have to wait. It’s okay though, we’ve got a 43 inch plasma…it was the constable grad. present!

    Loving the socks also. Great colours. I’d be happy to test out the pattern for ya, as I’m a bit dense at times, so if I can knit it, anyone can!

    How’s that for a long post??!

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