On My Own

There’s my grumble going to school on her first day. She must have had a great time because she didn’t stop talking about it until she went to bed. In EXTREME detail.
“Um, Mom, first I got on the bus and Sissy told Ann(the bus driver) that she was supposed to go to C house at her school and not A house because Ann dropped her off at A house yesterday which is wrong. So, Sissy let her know about that. Then the bus drove to my school and there was a person waiting for me and me and the 3 other kids left on the bus…Mom, they were kindergarteners too. One was Justin and there were two more, I made friends with one girl but I don’t know anybody else’s name…then we waited in the-“

“Sissy. Do you know the name of the room that you went into after you got off the bus while you waited for your teacher?” (Aurelia was at the same school last year but is at a new school this year)

“Yes! It’s the Multi-purpose room. (sticks out tongue) Anyway (scowl at her sister) then we sat in a line and waited for Mrs. Murphy to come get us. Then we went through the brown door and down the stairs and down the hallway. Mom, I saw the girls bathroom again, I know where it is…
She described just about every moment of her day and I wish you could hear her do it, especially those of you who’ve never heard my youngest talk. She has a low, slightly gravelly voice, a touch of what sounds like a Boston accent and just some of the most odd and adorable speech/pause patterns.

Well, since I have the house to myself for the next 4 hours I’m going to get everything ready for dinner and then go work on some dolls – pics soon.



The Wind is Very Still…

Mom! MOM!!
Ok. So. I was doodling new designs for dolls yesterday and swatching a sweater and doing a bit of cooking and I caught myself humming Starfish. I guess my mind dug it out of the subconscious because yesterday was a bittersweet day. So I decided to look it up on YouTube and see if it was there IT was! And I balled through all 50 seconds. That little girl’s sweet voice, the flute, the music box chimes in the background…
I could see the sun coming through your Priscilla curtains onto the hardwood floor in the upstairs apt. on First Street. I could see Grandma’s quilt on your bed and my knees poking out of whatever skirt or dress I was wearing. Man I’m crying all over again. We were sitting together and my 5 year-old mind must have just thought it was the perfect moment in my life. So I had my good cry thinking about that and how my kids are growing up too fast and then to cheer myself up I decided to see what else I could find like:
The Alligator King
The Ladybug’s Picnic
The Coolest Pinball Game Ever!
The Fairy Alphabet

And then I found it Mom, I Found IT!!! I totally don’t remember the bunnies and now it reminds me of the soundtrack to this but look Look LOOK!!!!!

Ah, this moment of adult childhood emersion brought to you by the number 32 and the letters N, U and T.


There She Goes, Again

First grade is starting right about now.
This isn’t any easier than last year.
res-new-backpack.jpg waiting-with-sissy.jpg off-to-first-grade.jpg
Tomorrow I’ll be driving and picking up kindergarteners for the first time knowing that Pat is putting Saebra on the bus here for the first time. I’ll be badgering him to get pics so I can post tomorrow. Good luck all you Moms out there – today and tomorrow (or whatever day your babies go off to school) is gonna be tough.


Transylvania 6-5000

What a beautiful day.
first-fall-leaf.jpg first-fall-color.jpg swing-web.jpg
The first thing I saw when I stepped outside this morning was a pile of leaves on my sidewalk. Do you see that, in the center of the second pic? That golden peachy goodness? That is fall color on my Maple tree and it is not a one tree anomaly, it is happening on all 9 trees – sigh. Hello fall. I also saw this fantastic tiny little spider web, no bigger than my hand. Nice start don’t ya think.
After a brief meeting and a bus ride, the girls and I were back home for the day. They have spent much of that time outside building fairy houses – no pics, they won’t let me and I haven’t been sneaky enough yet – and I have been trying to do something with the 6 bags of fresh garden veggies that one of Pat’s coworkers gifted us with. 5 huge eggplants, thankfully all male so not so much with the bitterness, a bag of yellow squash, green beans, tomatoes, and jalapeño and green bell peppers. I’ve got some salsa done, some eggplant parm/lasagna hybrid thingy that I make and my sister’s favorite summer squash casserole. Done and done. Now I’m off to do some dishes and make some Vampire chicken for dinner.
Ooo, yummy pics of our growing veggies, too! Baby summer squash, still green pumpkin, and the mystery squash that sprouted next to the compost pile.
baby-yellow-squash.jpg first-pumpkin.jpg mystery-squash.jpg

She Rocked On

So, I have 4 sewing machines, 5 if you count the mini serger that my MIL is permanently borrowing from me. I have a fantastic serger/overlock that the Hubby got for me for one of our anniversaries a few years ago – Love this machine. I have an in-table 60’s Singer that is missing a drive belt and spool post. I have a 90’s 10-stitch Singer from my Aunt but it has no power cord or foot pedal. Finally I have my beloved, the Kenmore that I have had since the Christmas of 1991, and sadly she has seized and will work no more. What is a girl to do?

She has but to smile coyly at her husband and suggest that he is smart enough and skilled enough to solve this problem for her by wiring the working foot pedal and power cord from the Kenmore onto the Singer. Keep in mind that I totally believed he could do this even though I cringe at the thought of him touching anything else to do with electricity for fear of electrocution, seriously. I hadn’t a concern for his safety on this one; I just doubted whether or not HE would believe he could do it. He did!! I got to do some actual sewing today!! I love that boy.
I was able to get Aurelia’s new backpack ¾ done and I should be able to finish it up tomorrow.
And because I promised – here is a pic of the finished “night blooming” Sweet Pea. I’ll have more info when the pair is finished.

All Tuckered Out

Home alone tonight.

The girls were off to a birthday/farewell party for their friend Miss G today. I’m assuming it went well since they are still there.

It’s hot and I’m tired. 7 weeks of driving special needs kids to camp and home again, with each one way trip taking 2 hours or more for only 4-6 kids, has wiped me out. It was the drive and not the kids that has done me in, the kids were, for the most part, some of the sweetest, funniest kids I’ve ever met.
Thankfully I have a few sort-of days off. Monday I have to go get my  bus (from where it has been for maintenance and inspection all summer) for the school year and drive it back up to the town I’m driving in, 70ish miles round trip and Tuesday the girls have dentist appts. and we go to meet Aurelia’s teacher and see her new classroom. She starts 1st grade on Wed and Saebra starts kindergarten on Thursday. I start driving again on Wed so Saeb will be riding with me that day with a stop to visit her classroom and meet her teacher in the middle. They’re both very excited to start school. Saeb got a backpack with her initials from Pat’s parents for her birthday and I have a lovely pile of Tinkerbell fabric to sew up for Re, if I can get one of my 3 sewing machines to work. I have a sock to finish for my second set of SweetPeas, a mermaid for Mel, a crochet sweater that might end up being for the store and a vest that I want to start for me.

Right now I’m going to go splay myself in front of the little AC unit that could in my bedroom and finish my book. If the weather improves a bit I might takes some pics and post tomorrow. Enjoy the end of the summer my darlings – you know you’ll miss it come February. : )


In a Burrow State of Mind

Have I mentioned before that I find Rupert Grint to be utterly adorable?
I love him as Ron Weasley, one of the most fantastic sidekicks ever.

I finished book 7 (no spoilers, I promise) and I just wasn’t ready to let go of any of them. I went back and reread parts when the book wasn’t in Patrick’s hands, I added the first 4 movies to my netflix queue and still needed more.

Historically speaking, Patrick and I have seen all the HP movies together at the theatres and it was looking more and more likely that the only way we would see OotP together was when it came out on DVD. I was sorta bummed by this – I WANT to see it larger than life the first time, there’s a magic to it that’s lost on a small screen.

So, Monday night I was getting ready to go to one of my knitting groups and I was packing up yarn to start a new pair of Sweet Peas (the other pair is done and I need to take pics 😉 ) and I thought I had the perfect yarn picked out. It’s a beautiful variegated orange with bits of brown and green that Gail dyed that I got in a bag of goodies from the store last fall. I was going to call them the Sweet Peatato socks but as I wound the skein and watched the colors go by and felt how soft and cozy it was I knew I had to do something else with it, and my evening.

I called my friend April, told her to meet me at my knitting group, that I needed a Weasley fix, that we were going to go see OotP whether she had seen it yet or not, and that I had something to make her laugh when she picked me up. (btw – loved the film, may drag hubby to see it on Sat night and this time I will not be so engrossed in the visuals and I’ll be able to take notes on the way the colors work in Ron’s plaid jumper, what colors and in what order the stripes appear in Hermione’s great little grey number and especially Luna’s little purple cardi – i can’t wait to get a hook going on that!)

A Weasley sock.
Something I imagine Molly would have made for Fred or George that got handed down to Ron and so has become slumpy and a bit loose. I’m playing with the pattern for now, frogging a bit here and there, I’ll write it up as I make the second one and then I’ll need a few test knitters before I offer the pattern up for public consumption. I am having a stupid amount of fun with this sock.