Mamma’s Got a Squeezebox

Not so much for words today – lots of pics.
tooth-_3.jpg sweetpea_1.jpg sweetpea_2.jpg
Aurelia’s 3rd tooth gone : ), my sweetpea sock
dqslogcabin_.jpg dqslogcabin_2.jpg dqslogcabin-back.jpg dqslogcabin-number-37.jpg
My official DQS2 quilt. Bean decided that this one needed to be hers because it looks like a 100 year old log cabin that hangs in my Mom’s house. Donna from Sydney Australia did an amazing job!! It’s all hand quilted, gorgeous.
I also hopped on the Country Cellar’s pin cushion swap and my partner, Su, got this little guy to out me. He’s hysterical! My favorite color and he reminds me of a fry guy. I love his hair! I’m stitching hers up this week and hope to have it in the mail on Sat.
dqsfreeform_1.jpg dqsfreeform_2.jpg dqsfreeform-back.jpg
This is the second little quilt from Donna because she knows that I have 2 little girls, how wonderfully sweet of her. Saebra HAD to have this one because of the butterfly, again hand quilted. Wow!!

Thank you ladies SO much – little surprises in the mail mean a lot to me.

I’m gonna go work on finishing my swap pin cushion, my second sweetpea sock and maybe get started on another commissioned mermaid doll, or two.



7 thoughts on “Mamma’s Got a Squeezebox

  1. Those quilts are beautiful! Your girls look equally beautiful as they enjoy them. Love the toothy pic. It’s so much fun to watch those teeny teeth leave, to be replaced by new ones that a person has to grown in to. Looking forward to seeing your pincushion.

  2. I’m so glad you like him — I didn’t even realize you’re an orange lover – cool! You educated me about Fry Guys too, I never knew whay those cuties were called, but you’re right, they like like second cousins twice removed, hee hee!

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