The Boy in the Bubble

I finally took pictures today of my 1 finished sweetpea sock (the other is ½ done), my two lovely doll quilts and my new, favoritest evar pincushion but before I forget all about it I thought I would post some pics from Friday night.

Ah Harry Potter. Love that boy.
My genius of a husband wrote a computer “sorting hat” program that was tripped by magnets (I’m sure he’ll post about it eventually and I’ll add a link). So there I was with a magnet tipped wand sorting a 1000 people. The masses LOVED it!!
the-sorting-hat.jpg me-as-umbridge.jpg the-hp-masses.jpg
That’s the hat, me as Dolores Umbridge, and the seething masses.
And three more of my favorite costumed B&N employees

Mad-eye, Tonks and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named
mike-as-madeye.jpg tonks.jpg
All in all it was a great (hot, muggy, extremely loud, exciting) night. I’m glad I was there.



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