Oh-Oo-Whoa, The Sweetest Thing

Aurelia to Saebra:
“Sissy, you are cuter than a mouse, or a bunny, or this thing (mystery item).”

I received my half of this and this and I am ecstatic!! These women have done wonderful work and I don’t have a camera to show you a thing! Pics and goodness on Sunday.



2 thoughts on “Oh-Oo-Whoa, The Sweetest Thing

  1. Hey There!
    I’ve just returned to the blogsphere and found your “new” (boy that dates me) site and read about your troubles. I’m so sorry to hear it, it sounds like you’re going through a really hard time and I can only send my best wishes as you work through it. Writing is good and so is making – making things always helps me.
    I’m off to the Harry Potter night at B&N your fav spot. Take care and maybe I’ll see you at knitting one night.

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