Its Gonna Take Time

I’m doing my thing. Some days are easier than others. Most days away from very small children are fine, days near them suck. Unfortunately this means I don’t yet feel comfortable visiting three of my favorite spots – I’ll get back there.

Projects have helped with my helpless feelings. Having something with a deadline is a good focus for me right now. I have a super secret project for Melissa (yes Ms. M, I consider this for you and not them – the proceeds will go towards a kicking Thurs night Drop-in!) I finished a block for one of our snb’s famous good-bye/baby/marriage blankets. And I whipped up a little stone and bead pendant for my Step-Monster’s 40th last week.

supersecret-malissa.jpg supersecret-goodbye-square.jpg stepmosters-pendant.jpg

I also had the Doll Quilt Swap deadline looming last week (the 12th – I was in the early group) Unfortunately my early efforts were a bit…ambitious. I am not an experienced quilter. Couple that with my recent life, the fact that I am driving a summer camp route with a short bus and my own munchikins on board and I just didn’t have the time I wanted to devote to my original design. So, I tried to think of what my secret swap partner would like but with a me twist. I chose wonderful colors and kept the design super simple with a few blanket stitch details. I’ll tell you more about my choices in a later post – I don’t want to give away who its for! (horrible pictures ugh! maybe she’ll have better ones!)

quilt-scraps.jpg doll-quilt.jpg

I have finished one of my sweatpea socks and have the other on the needles. It’s a great bus project for when I’m waiting at the camp to pick up the kids – fits right into my little lunchbox purse. I’ll try for pics this weekend – speaking of…

If you’re in Holyoke on Friday night I’ll be helping the Hubby out at the Midnight Magic party and getting my grubby little hands on the last volume of the Hogwarts tales. I’ll be near the Sorting Hat – come say Hi.



4 thoughts on “Its Gonna Take Time

  1. I love the stone pendant. These little amulets seem to be popping up everywhere. Have you seen “all good girls are marys” blog? This is a great way to make something special.

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