Too Soon To Tell

I’m smiling at small things like this and this.

first-daisies.jpg swimming-girls.jpg 

These are helping.

Strangely I think this experience has strengthened my pro-choice stance. That a woman could willingly do this to herself means (to me) that she’s really done some soul searching, thought this one through and is willing to live with the grief or she’s never really going to grasp what it is that she has just taken away from herself and her partner.
Please – I don’t want anyone to feel offended if you have had to make that decision.
I believe in your choice!
I now know that I couldn’t make it and I just know how hard this is going to hit you later in life – if it hasn’t already – and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers, they’re helping too. I chug along. I have two beautiful faces to keep me going each morning and green eyes to say I love you to each night.



2 thoughts on “Too Soon To Tell

  1. It was good to hear from you today. I have this overwhelming desire to call you Sweetie, and I hope that this does not offend you. You were one of the first people I had contact with in this world of blogging. I have always respected and loved your sense of humor which is always tempered with caring and love. I have appreciated your joy that you express over your family, friends, the things that you do together and the things that you do on your own (creating, etc.) I,as a stranger, have felt such a desire to protect you from the hurt that you and your family have just been hit with. To lose a child is an incredible blow and one that rears it’s head at times when you least expect it. We lost a granddaughter who was still born, but dammit, she was Still Born to us. To truly “get over” her would be to deny her existence.
    I send you love and my prayers. I know you both will keep loving and marveling at those two little green eyed beauties!
    Wish affection, Ellen

  2. I lost a baby when I was too young to know any better (16!). It was devastating. After that I was declared infertile, and was even more devastated. Girl and her brother (you’ve never met him, but he’s out there, really) are proof to me of God, pure and simple. The loss makes you appreciate the gift – and it is a gift – of the children you have or will have. So cuddle up with the girls and use the loss to love the gifts more.
    (((Huge Hug.)))

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