Optimus Primal

Tonight the hubby and I are going to see this

I loved this show when I was a kid – It was a beloved daily after-school dose of raw machine. None of this “wait till next Saturday to find out what happens” crap. I actually had a crush on Optimus Prime – like if I was a transforming girl robot we could hook up. And man, if they don’t have the same guy doing OP’s voice I’ll be seriously bummed!
Told you I was crazy.

(It was fantastic – the secondary human story lines (soldiers and hackers) were a little weak/too much but helped tie the whole thing together at the end. Shia LaBeouf rocked, Josh Duhamel and Tyrese were nice to look at but nothing special and I was nothing but impressed with the Autobots and Decepticons. OP was perfection!! They even set themselves up perfectly for a{much anticipated and already in the works for 2009}sequel) 

Actually that wasn’t the first time my poor little brain couldn’t distinguish animated characters from real people. When I was 4, (keep in my my Mom was preggers with my little sister and everything that I knew was about to change – and I knew it!), I actually believed that I was Jason from G-Force (the one in all white with the blue face shield). So much so that I wouldn’t answer to my name – only if you called me Jason.
See, crazy at an early age.

Well, we’re off to enjoy metal mayhem and another impedingly doomed fictitious earth.
This is what I will be knitting with while we watch – it’ll be another 12×12 super secret blanket square – it’s hand-dyed lamb’s pride.


2 thoughts on “Optimus Primal

  1. You knit during movies at the theatre? Doesn’t that interfere with the popcorn eating? I’d be afraid that I’d get that toxic sludge they call butter all over my knitting. The girl-transformer-hooking-up thing made me laugh! I think I mentioned it on my blog at some point, but I had a crush on that english prince dude from the Smurfs. Perhaps a little crazy too.

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