She’s Got Legs

If your name is Eric or Kari – please read no further until after I have seen you – your wedding present is pictured below. (unless you want to see it which is fine by me  )

I’ve been doing bits of scattered craft in amongst all the “catch up” house work. All the little things fell behind and got ignored over the winter when Hubby and I were both working 40+hours and once the school year was over and I wasn’t driving the bus I kinda wallowed in the freedom. Time to get back to daily house chores – not my favorite thing to do but hey, I’m the one with all the free time this summer.

My friend Marti and her buddy Carrie and I are just beginning a Franken-Blankie project. Scrap yarn, joined mitre squares that we swap monthly (hmmm, ladies we should think about maybe 2 squares a month if this is ever gong to turn into anything of substantial size?!?) Anyway, I sent my first, finished my second and got my first in the mail all this week. The blue and purple is mine from the Constable’s wife and the rainbow one is for her – next month HA!
fanken-squares.jpg sweatpea1.jpg sweatpea-upclose.jpg
I’ve also been working on a Sweatpea. I’m calling it the Dwarf version because I only did one pattern repeat before turning the heel. I have what is commonly reffered to, in my family at least, as “cankles”. I have no ankles, just calves that reach my feet. Calf shaping needs to happen WAY earlier for me than for most, so I usually go for the short versions. I really like the pattern and the colorway I’m using (sockotta#7 from the Spg 06 colors)

Alright, back to weekend family fun, a sink full of dishes, sock knitting, oh and wedding present pictures.
tc1.jpg tc-2.jpg tc-3.jpg


3 thoughts on “She’s Got Legs

  1. Yea, I’m thinking that perhaps we should up the ante a bit on the mitres. I found some inspiration the other day for what it might look like when it’s all done though. I think I’ll post a pic or two this weekend of what I have in mind. Lookin’ good though! I’m loving all the colour combos already.

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