Slip-sliding Away

I am inexorably being sucked into this quilting thing! Whee 🙂

I am part of the “must mail early” group from the DQS2 and I have until July 12 to get mine in the mail, it won’t take that long. Yesterday the munchikins were being quite ornery so I decided to gain some sanity by ironing fusible webbing to some of my fabric for appliqués. I have a small confession to make here:

I am not a quilter.

My Great-Grandmother was Fabulous, did it all by hand, and never “bought” a scrap of quilting fabric in her life – everything was recycled fibers. I am not Grandma.
I use my machine and I don’t follow the rules. In other words…I have NO idea what I’m doing but GOLLY this is fun!

I have a few little pieces left to sew on and then I can put the front and back together.
I went to Joann’s today and bought this so I can do the binding this weekend, maybe.
Have a peek.

doll-quilt-1.jpg doll-quilt-2.jpg doll-quilt-3.jpg
I also had a quick jewelry need and so I whipped this up. Its in the shop if you need it! 
jasper-set.jpg jasper-upclose.jpg


2 thoughts on “Slip-sliding Away

  1. Good grief! You just “whipped” up that bit of jewelery? It’s stunning. I wouldn’t know how to begin and it would take me 36.2 hours to get it together. I’m looking forward to seeing the quilt.

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