At the Bottom of the Sea

Ah Sunday. Ah.
We’re down to one munchikin today, just the Bean. The Grumble is off at my Mom’s till this evening. Ah.

Bean and the Hubby made waffles for breakfast this morning and then we headed out to the flea market for a bit. The Hubby was looking for pewter, he wants to try casting some of his own coins this winter, the Bean and I just wandered around looking for fun, outdoor window shopping. She looked at a bunch of toys and some dress up clothes but didn’t ask for anything. Then she sees this ridiculous little old lady purse – seriously waxed/scotch-guarded english rose/shabby chic fabric with a pink strap and she HAS to have it. I reminded her that I hadn’t brought any money and that maybe she could save up some of her coins for the next time we come. She smiled, and then the kid pulls out her Disney Princess wallet and I watch this waterfall of cash spill out. She’s a hoarder! She’s got 11 bucks tucked away in there! She bought the pocket book, a little coin purse, a new baby doll, an old chandelier prism, a new blue flower pin (The vendor at the jewelry booth thanked her for being such a smart young lady who knew the value of a dollar – she haggled him from $5 down to $3 because she had 3 singles and didn’t want to break her 5!).

She also bought me ( 😉 ) these two books.

harveys-hideout.jpg harvey-crying.jpg doll-book.jpg

The first being one of my childhood favorites the second being something she thought I could use. By then it was noon, and we were hot, hungry and on the verge of sunburn (dern Irish skin) so we headed over to the ding-dong cart for some frozen refreshment – her treat!
She still managed to come home with $1 plus change!

When we got home I found these two beauties “swimming” around in the bushes
ebony-merb1.jpg ebony-merb2.jpg ebony-merb3.jpg
ivory-merb1.jpg ivory-merb2.jpg ivory-merb3.jpg
Tonight I’ll be spending some time at the computer recording some read-along CD’s for the munchikins. I had some awesome read-a-long 45’s when I was a kid and I LOVED them; Wonder Woman (I remember some guy named Mitch chaining her up in an underwater cave), Thumbelina – I’m a huge HCA fan, and they were all played on my Tweety and Sylvester Record Player. I’m really looking forward to it. I think that while I read I might work some more on my pair of these (they were designed by a friend).



7 thoughts on “At the Bottom of the Sea

  1. What a great story! My younger daughter also is a saver, but when she spends her money, she’s very canny.

    Wish I’d thought of recording read-a-longs for my kids when they were little! Of course, although they’re only 9 and 11, it still would have been cassette tapes, which aren’t the most toddler-friendly. CDs are better!

    Beautiful little mermaids in those bushes!

  2. Fun story! Your daughter is quite a good $ manager and obviously a thoughtful and generous little girl to think of Mom and what she might like.
    I love Hoban’s books…especially Frances. I have Bed Time for Frances and Bread and Jam for Frances. They are so great and the illustrations are precious.
    Lovely merbs!

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