I need a damn camera

The Hubby took it again. So, no mermaid pics. Damn.

Why does he keep taking it?

He’s the receiving Manager at a local Mega-Bookstore. Not the one that I used to work at but another one in the area. Because he is uber good at his job he was selected to take part in a test program. The Home Offices have heard rumblings about their preferred shipping company either going union or (already union) going on strike, so they decided to test run UPS as their primary shipper. Unfortunately, UPS doesn’t use pallets and the boxes of books get picked up and put down MANY more times than with the other company resulting in more damaged boxes and books. The Hubby has to document all this and e-mail the pics each day so they can try and improve their service – they are but it’s a painstaking process and its driving him crazy. Me too, I want the camera!

Anyway, maybe I’ll get some of the eyes done for the mermaids and start attaching face parts, they don’t have those yet. Hmmm, am I really in the mood for embroidering on little felt pieces today? Hmmmm. Have to think about that one, maybe I’ll cast on for the narwhale.

Oh in good news! I used my printer to print on fabric today!! It took a few tries but it came out nice. I made little Chicken Betty labels as an experiment. I need to make a label for my Doll Quilt and this was a good start. As soon as a camera is available(!%&@@*F#) I’ll have pics. Gotta work tomorrow and we’re off to my Mom & Sis’s place for dinner after so no pics till probly Sunday.

Have a great weekend!



4 thoughts on “I need a damn camera

  1. I think that the Mega-Bookstore should provide him with a camera. After all, if that’s part of his job, it’s their responsibility, don’t you think? Then..you’d have your camera and we could all enjoy your pics. Perfectly sensible!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. No, I am not a Brit., nor am I Canadian. I did have an English grandmother and an Irish grandfather, so there’s a lot of that “stuff” in my bones. I also, on my mother’s side, had a Canadian grandfather.

  2. I feel you on the no camera front. Blogs are just so much more fun with pictures, too.
    I want to try the fabric printing. Did you use the fabric sheets mentioned or did you make your own? Would you just iron some to a piece of fabric to freezer paper?

  3. Hmmm, never thought of printing up my own fabric labels. I’ve been wanting some for quite some time. I’ll probably ask you about that too at some point!!

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