Patchwork Love

I know it’s been a week since I posted but a long week its been. The last day of school was this past Friday so I’m on hiatus from bus driving until the fall. Feels strange not to be up in that behemoth each morning.

I also came down with the mother of all summer colds. Sunday I felt like something was living in my nose and by Monday morning I was a mess, no voice, awful cough, body aches – yikes. The last two days I spent most of my time in bed fighting the sweats and bouts of dizziness in between trying to feed and entertain the munchikins. Thankfully they were pretty good and only acted up once the Hubby was home from work – poor boy.

So, I haven’t felt like doing much. I did manage to eke out some time to add some beads and baubles to a couple of the Mermaids. I’ll have pics of those tomorrow. For now, here is a pic of the fabric I have chosen for my quilt for the DQSII – I’m so psyched about this!
And a pic of the buttons I got from Belle & Boo – so sweet.

dqs-fabrics.jpg  found-buttons.jpg



4 thoughts on “Patchwork Love

  1. that virus is an international one: it’s all over the greater Sutton area too (*cough cough*).
    hey chicken betty: i’m pretty sneaky: followed a link here from dena’s web site. you do know that all us knitters wish we had your jobs, don’t cha?
    dreaming about a fibre-tour of new england, which would end with a trip to WEBS: –k! (hope everyone is feeling better soon.)

  2. Oooo, a fellow Canadian commentor! And from Quebec no less…c’est exotique! (admittedly, my French is horrendous)
    Hope you’re feeling better soon. Love the fabric.

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