Rag Doll

Man! I’m so excited right now! I just got the info on my Doll Quilt Swap partner. Its a secret and she can’t know that I’m making a quilt for her so…shhhhhh.

I’m looking at this, and this, and maybe a bit of this for inspiration. I’m on my way out to the garage to flip through my fabrics and start putting a design together. I am physically tingling with itchiness to get started on this project !! Wheeeeeeee.

Check here for updates

In other news I have finished the bodies of 4 Merbs for my BIL and will be starting the 5th tonight. Then I just have to give them all faces and hair. I should be done by the end of next week – I’ll have finished pics soon, but here are some shots of the unmade materials piles.



8 thoughts on “Rag Doll

  1. I was going to say “OOooo” toooo, but that has been taken. I’ll just say, “Wow.” I grew up with all of those books, so special, so many wonderful memories of being read to. I agree, they are great inspiration. I can’t wait to see what you do. It will be such fun and I know that whatever you choose to execute, will be just perfect, all warm and fuzzy (I’m sorry, I just can’t help but use that phrase)and adorable…and I mean that with respect!

  2. Gee, “oooo” seems to be the universal reaction to your inspiring links. “Maple Hill Farm” is a favorite book of mine, and I am delighted to be reminded of it. Your partner is a lucky one!

  3. Hey there. I have a question. I know this is different than Blogger, but how do you format your photos here? For instance, I like how in your school bus post you had three thumbnails side by side. Would you happen to know how I could do something similar on my blog?

    Yours truly,
    Technologically inept…

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