Three Cheers…


…for the bus driver. That’s me!

Incidentally, 37 is my favorite/lucky number, and its my bus # 🙂 !!



7 thoughts on “Three Cheers…

  1. I…I want so badly to be positive…but all I can see in my mind is a herd of shrieking, screaming kids, throwing food and body parts, and beating the heck out of each other…

    Let’s go with this – “May God bless you and preserve your sanity and your soul in the exciting times to come.”

  2. I really have a great group of kids on both my runs, high school/middle school and elementary. I only have 12 kids on the hs/ms run and the little kids have never had a female driver before so they’re fascinated by me in an “Ooo, she’s like a Mom on the bus”, kind of way. I have a great time with them.

  3. Those are the coolest bus pictures I’ve ever seen!!

    I tell you, a good bus driver is worth $1 million. Katie loves her bus driver, Doris. She takes no guff from any of the kids and they all feel safe with her. I’m sure the kids will love you!!

  4. You Go Girl! What a brave soul. As an ex-teacher I can only admire your bravery and remember the times I was driving home from work and the bus driver would stop and flag me down to let me know that my youngest son might need to control himself a little more on the bus.

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