We’re Going On a Bear Hunt

Last Wednesday was the Bean’s Kindergarten Show. Her school only houses Kindergarten and Pre-K and there are a LOT of kids (266 in K!), so many that we couldn’t get a decent shot of the whole group. Her music teacher led us through a tour of a day, opening with Here Comes the Sun, the kids singing Down By the Bay, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and a couple other adorable little songs. The Hubby’s parents, one of my Mil’s best friends, my father and step-mom and the Grumble came out for the show. Yes, I cried. I can’t believe she’s 6 and finishing kindergarten already!!! Wha Happen?
The Hubby and I were talking last week about just how busy we were going to be and how much time he was not going to be at work because of our camping trip and other little things and he had decided that with all that’s happening at his store and the time he was already going to miss that he just couldn’t afford to leave early to go see the Bean’s show. He said he knew he’d be around for all the important things later in life that she would remember. I think I was stirring some pasta.

I turned to him and told him that she would remember that he wasn’t there.

At the end of my year in Mrs. Reutlinger’s kindergarten class we put on a circus with the other kindergarten class – there were 45 of us all together. I was a belly dancer that had to charm a snake out of a basket, myself and a girl named Kathy had fishing line tied around our middle fingers, with the other end tied to the head of a huge stuffed snake in a basket – you can figure out the rest. I knew exactly where my Mom was sitting in that audience.

I told him that I understood about all his missed time this week and that maybe he couldn’t make it to this show but that using the “she won’t remember it” excuse wasn’t acceptable.

He took the time off to be there 🙂

Friday afternoon we left for our camping trip in CT and we had a fairly good time. It didn’t rain too much and the kids were as good as can be accepted when they’re outside of everything that is normal, hyped up on sugar, surrounded by a dozen other out of control kids, and having to sleep in a place where you can hear every other person sleeping within 100 yards of you. Yeah, they did OK.

They each had a CD walkman to keep them occupied on the ride down and once we got there they figured out that they could put the CD players in to their bike baskets and ride around with their music. It was when they started running around just holding the $30 “toy” in their hands that I started to get nervous. So, I sewed a solution – not that I have a pic to show you – I cut up a dish towel. I cut off the bound edges to use as straps, cut the rest of the towel in half, width wise, sewed them into little pockets and attached the straps. No more nervous Mom, and two happy little girls running around that campground showing off their new purses.

OK, I get to have the camera tomorrow so I promise new job pics and details. Seriously!



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