Saturday in the Park

I think it was the first weekend in June – da da da dum

Sorry : ) Long, but good, weekend.

Saturday was my Sis’ birthday party. A good modest number of friends and family and I made most of the meal, with the help of my BIL and one of our friends. Boy howdy, was it ever a yummy spread. Locally raised London broils, roasted sweet potatoes, cheesy creamed spinach, herb and fresh greens salad with early cukes and tomatoes and because my sister is 8 years old when it comes to birthday cake – rainbow chip cake with rainbow chip frosting – cold.

photo-box.jpg mini-soaps.jpg dragon-time.jpg elis-new-set.jpg

I found some wonderful things for her on Etsy. A mini tin that had been decorated with a perfect little six page accordion inside for a purse size photo album. Some super yummy smelling and wicked lathering soap samples, and a gift that only a sister could give, Dragon Time body cream, “For relief of menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms.” HA! Really it was because her last name is dragon : ). Then I saw this and decided to make my own version for her, she wore it all night.

Sunday was another busy day with the Bean bridging from Daisies to Brownies. Two sets of grandparents and my nephew Buddy made it out for the ceremony and the drenching rain held off just until all 6 girls had made it across the bridge. Then the kids all went nuts over cake, cookies and popsicles under a nice pavilion. An hour later the Munchikins and the Hubby were off to one picnic while I headed to another with a bunch of my knitterly friends and rejoined the family in the evening. Somewhere in there th Hubby found time to bottle his newest creation – an IPA, mmmmm.

bean-as-daisy.jpg beans-troop.jpg bean-as-brownie.jpg

This week looks to be just as busy. The Bean has her Kindergarten Concert on Wed with grandparents coming out this way again for her show. Then on Friday, weather permitting, we’ll be stuffing the car with munchikins and camping supplies and heading down to CT for a weekend of caching and camping. I’ll also have some BIG news to share with you later in the week, I just need to take a few pics first, and no, no babies, this is job news.



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