The Never Ending Story

because this is a loooong post.

Lots of stuff has been happening around our little yellow house and I just haven’t been able to blog about it much because, well – here’s that “I need my own camera” thing again, because the Hubby has had the camera every day. Yes, it was important for him to have it, special work stuff, being a test store for a new program, chosen as one of five stores out of the whole Northeast region, need to document the progress, blah, blah, blah.

On Monday he only had to work a ½ day and was able to come home early and, Knock My Socks Off, he wanted to go till the garden plot so we could get our seedlings planted! Now please consider that this was no easy feat. The garden was our neighbor’s but in her advancing years she just can’t keep up with it and so has neglected it for the past two years. Consider also that we do not own, nor did we rent, a rototiller. Yes ladies, he did it all by hand!! I was giggling when I saw what he’d done and told him we HAD to have pics so I could brag about him. He scoffed and said he needed pics so he could brag about it himself, silly man. Here is a before, an after, the Hubby passed out in the grass and a pic of the tines stuck in the soil from the second pitch fork that he broke that day.

weed-plot.jpg garden-plot.jpg hubby-resting.jpg tines.jpg

Tuesday was relatively quiet but I was buzzing with excitement for Wednesday – the day the Harlot came to town. I was fortunate enough to only have to work at the store after the event, so I really got to enjoy the whole thing. I parked at the store and walked down to the Calvin. It was a beautiful evening in historic downtown Northampton so I stopped for a giant slice at Mimmo’s and sat down to take in the sites. As I chawed on my extra cheese and crispy crust I began to wonder if every woman that I saw with an overly large bag or more than one bag was walking to see the Harlot. I didn’t have to guess when I saw a Lexie Barnes or Namaste or, the more often than you would think, exposed knitting on the street. The theatre was beautiful and so filled with excitement. Kathy and Steve along with some other industry contacts has made goody bags available for everyone coming to the show. Everybody got a set of size 8 (5mm) needles and a ball of yarn – Mine was Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran – and we were asked to knit a 7×7” square during the event to donate to the Warm up America Campaign.  There was also a huge pile of food collected back a the store to help provide breakfasts and lunches for school children who recieve subsidized meals during the school year and Steve and Kathy have promised to match that donation.

Stephanie was amazingly funny in a, “OOOO Aunt(cousin, sis) Steph is coming to the party! Now I know we’ll have a good time”, kind of way. She sheepishly admitted to gaming in a former life and she got more than half of the audience – without prompting – to say to a new knitter, who was unwilling to admit addiction, the “Resistance is futile”. She absolutely glowed on stage – as you can see in the pic – and Steve was even nice enough to bring her a real beer just before she began.

dt-noho.jpg ethereal-stephanie.jpg the-line.jpg the-harlot-squares.jpg

After the Q&A, where she was flabbergasted by the roving microphones, I walked back to the store and had the most enjoyable 4 hours of retail work I have ever experienced. There were folks from Alabama, Minnesota, Florida, New York and all the New England states. The line of people waiting to have Stephanie sign a book trailed in to our warehouse and snaked through the aisles for 3 hours. It was HOT and humid and we had all the doors open hoping for a fresh breeze but instead getting mosquitoes and none of it mattered. 500 of the nicest, most understanding and generally jolly fiber folk I have ever encountered.

On display next to the signing table was our super secret project – a green and gold blanket made for The Yarn Harlot. Now, I believe she will probably auction this off to benefit Doctor’s Without Borders and add to the over $300,000 that have already been raised. I was so happy to add a square – and it was crocheted!! She was gracious and funny and this was one of my most fun author experiences. Folks, if you have a chance to go see her, do it!!

the-harlot-afghan.jpg my-green-square.jpg

That’s it so far this week. I’m off to get the munchikens in bed, bake a cake for my sister’s birthday party tomorrow and sew all the needed patches on the Bean’s new Brownie vest, she bridges from Daisy to Brownie on Sunday, I promise to have pics.



5 thoughts on “The Never Ending Story

  1. What a cool idea, to knit Warm Up America squares during Steph’s talk! I saw her in St. Paul and it was great. The most fun line I have ever waited in. However, waiting at WEBS would have been over the top. . . .

  2. Did Stehpanie show up by plane or just decend from knitterly heaven? That pic of her on stage is positively ethereal!! Hilarious. Glad to hear that you had such a good time!

  3. I love that afghan. I think we should make me one next.
    Bummer that I missed the whole Harlot event thing, but totally glad I went to NY. Remind me to show you the “marketing piece” for the book. total riot.

  4. I saw her in Cambridge little more than a year ago… and she signed all of my books by her BEFORE her talk & book signing because I had a train to catch right after her talk was over. Sure was nice of her and we [MIT SnB group] all had such a fun time too.

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