She’s Got Legs

If your name is Eric or Kari – please read no further until after I have seen you – your wedding present is pictured below. (unless you want to see it which is fine by me  )

I’ve been doing bits of scattered craft in amongst all the “catch up” house work. All the little things fell behind and got ignored over the winter when Hubby and I were both working 40+hours and once the school year was over and I wasn’t driving the bus I kinda wallowed in the freedom. Time to get back to daily house chores – not my favorite thing to do but hey, I’m the one with all the free time this summer.

My friend Marti and her buddy Carrie and I are just beginning a Franken-Blankie project. Scrap yarn, joined mitre squares that we swap monthly (hmmm, ladies we should think about maybe 2 squares a month if this is ever gong to turn into anything of substantial size?!?) Anyway, I sent my first, finished my second and got my first in the mail all this week. The blue and purple is mine from the Constable’s wife and the rainbow one is for her – next month HA!
fanken-squares.jpg sweatpea1.jpg sweatpea-upclose.jpg
I’ve also been working on a Sweatpea. I’m calling it the Dwarf version because I only did one pattern repeat before turning the heel. I have what is commonly reffered to, in my family at least, as “cankles”. I have no ankles, just calves that reach my feet. Calf shaping needs to happen WAY earlier for me than for most, so I usually go for the short versions. I really like the pattern and the colorway I’m using (sockotta#7 from the Spg 06 colors)

Alright, back to weekend family fun, a sink full of dishes, sock knitting, oh and wedding present pictures.
tc1.jpg tc-2.jpg tc-3.jpg


Slip-sliding Away

I am inexorably being sucked into this quilting thing! Whee 🙂

I am part of the “must mail early” group from the DQS2 and I have until July 12 to get mine in the mail, it won’t take that long. Yesterday the munchikins were being quite ornery so I decided to gain some sanity by ironing fusible webbing to some of my fabric for appliqués. I have a small confession to make here:

I am not a quilter.

My Great-Grandmother was Fabulous, did it all by hand, and never “bought” a scrap of quilting fabric in her life – everything was recycled fibers. I am not Grandma.
I use my machine and I don’t follow the rules. In other words…I have NO idea what I’m doing but GOLLY this is fun!

I have a few little pieces left to sew on and then I can put the front and back together.
I went to Joann’s today and bought this so I can do the binding this weekend, maybe.
Have a peek.

doll-quilt-1.jpg doll-quilt-2.jpg doll-quilt-3.jpg
I also had a quick jewelry need and so I whipped this up. Its in the shop if you need it! 
jasper-set.jpg jasper-upclose.jpg

At the Bottom of the Sea

Ah Sunday. Ah.
We’re down to one munchikin today, just the Bean. The Grumble is off at my Mom’s till this evening. Ah.

Bean and the Hubby made waffles for breakfast this morning and then we headed out to the flea market for a bit. The Hubby was looking for pewter, he wants to try casting some of his own coins this winter, the Bean and I just wandered around looking for fun, outdoor window shopping. She looked at a bunch of toys and some dress up clothes but didn’t ask for anything. Then she sees this ridiculous little old lady purse – seriously waxed/scotch-guarded english rose/shabby chic fabric with a pink strap and she HAS to have it. I reminded her that I hadn’t brought any money and that maybe she could save up some of her coins for the next time we come. She smiled, and then the kid pulls out her Disney Princess wallet and I watch this waterfall of cash spill out. She’s a hoarder! She’s got 11 bucks tucked away in there! She bought the pocket book, a little coin purse, a new baby doll, an old chandelier prism, a new blue flower pin (The vendor at the jewelry booth thanked her for being such a smart young lady who knew the value of a dollar – she haggled him from $5 down to $3 because she had 3 singles and didn’t want to break her 5!).

She also bought me ( 😉 ) these two books.

harveys-hideout.jpg harvey-crying.jpg doll-book.jpg

The first being one of my childhood favorites the second being something she thought I could use. By then it was noon, and we were hot, hungry and on the verge of sunburn (dern Irish skin) so we headed over to the ding-dong cart for some frozen refreshment – her treat!
She still managed to come home with $1 plus change!

When we got home I found these two beauties “swimming” around in the bushes
ebony-merb1.jpg ebony-merb2.jpg ebony-merb3.jpg
ivory-merb1.jpg ivory-merb2.jpg ivory-merb3.jpg
Tonight I’ll be spending some time at the computer recording some read-along CD’s for the munchikins. I had some awesome read-a-long 45’s when I was a kid and I LOVED them; Wonder Woman (I remember some guy named Mitch chaining her up in an underwater cave), Thumbelina – I’m a huge HCA fan, and they were all played on my Tweety and Sylvester Record Player. I’m really looking forward to it. I think that while I read I might work some more on my pair of these (they were designed by a friend).



I think I was set in my ways at a young age.

My Dad and Step-Mom took us out for dinner tonight. Then we stopped off at B&N to pick up a couple of summer workbooks and reading books for the munchikins. On the way home I heard a song I haven’t heard in years; Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphy.
With lyrics like:
Oh, they say she died one winter
When there came a killing frost
And the pony she named Wildfire
Busted down its stall
In a blizzard he was lost

He goes on to say that she’s coming for him and they’ll both ride away on said pony, Wildfire. How tragic – how awesome! He’s actually warned of her return by a hoot owl. Only in Nebraska.
(This all ties into my obsessionwith the tragic love story – if it will inevitably end horribly I’m ALL for it!)

RIGHT after that Baker Street came on. Sweet! Though I actually prefer the mid 90’s remake by the Foo Fighters. As if that weren’t enough, the trifecta of my early childhood balladeers was finished off by Dan Fogelberg’s Leader of the Band. I made my mom explain the whole concept of the song – I was fascinated by it – and I proceeded to tell all adults I came across just what the song meant. I was a smart kid (read: geek).  Though  I think Changing Horses is actually my favorite by him. It features Joe Walsh of the Eagles on the second guitar and harmonies but mostly its because I hear my Dad’s voice when I hear that song, he had a great tenor.

I’m not sure how I came to love soft rock so much. I grew up during the last days of Disco and the birth of New Wave, my parents used to call me radio-girl. My Dad was in a rock cover band fer cryin-out-loud! He played guitar and steel-guitar, on songs from Kansas, Journey, and The Doobie Brothers and Mom liked old blues/jazz records, Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday and….hmmmm….mentally checking the parent’s record collection…

James Taylor, The Eagles, Poco, Linda Rondstadt, Carol King, Jesse Colter, Johnny Cash…

Ok. Maybe it’s all making sense now. Shush – I don’t like it when you notice my crazy.

Someday I’ll tell you about my 10th birthday – I spent it at the bar! Best birthday evar!

oh man, Mom’s gonna laugh over this one.


I need a damn camera

The Hubby took it again. So, no mermaid pics. Damn.

Why does he keep taking it?

He’s the receiving Manager at a local Mega-Bookstore. Not the one that I used to work at but another one in the area. Because he is uber good at his job he was selected to take part in a test program. The Home Offices have heard rumblings about their preferred shipping company either going union or (already union) going on strike, so they decided to test run UPS as their primary shipper. Unfortunately, UPS doesn’t use pallets and the boxes of books get picked up and put down MANY more times than with the other company resulting in more damaged boxes and books. The Hubby has to document all this and e-mail the pics each day so they can try and improve their service – they are but it’s a painstaking process and its driving him crazy. Me too, I want the camera!

Anyway, maybe I’ll get some of the eyes done for the mermaids and start attaching face parts, they don’t have those yet. Hmmm, am I really in the mood for embroidering on little felt pieces today? Hmmmm. Have to think about that one, maybe I’ll cast on for the narwhale.

Oh in good news! I used my printer to print on fabric today!! It took a few tries but it came out nice. I made little Chicken Betty labels as an experiment. I need to make a label for my Doll Quilt and this was a good start. As soon as a camera is available(!%&@@*F#) I’ll have pics. Gotta work tomorrow and we’re off to my Mom & Sis’s place for dinner after so no pics till probly Sunday.

Have a great weekend!


Patchwork Love

I know it’s been a week since I posted but a long week its been. The last day of school was this past Friday so I’m on hiatus from bus driving until the fall. Feels strange not to be up in that behemoth each morning.

I also came down with the mother of all summer colds. Sunday I felt like something was living in my nose and by Monday morning I was a mess, no voice, awful cough, body aches – yikes. The last two days I spent most of my time in bed fighting the sweats and bouts of dizziness in between trying to feed and entertain the munchikins. Thankfully they were pretty good and only acted up once the Hubby was home from work – poor boy.

So, I haven’t felt like doing much. I did manage to eke out some time to add some beads and baubles to a couple of the Mermaids. I’ll have pics of those tomorrow. For now, here is a pic of the fabric I have chosen for my quilt for the DQSII – I’m so psyched about this!
And a pic of the buttons I got from Belle & Boo – so sweet.

dqs-fabrics.jpg  found-buttons.jpg


Rag Doll

Man! I’m so excited right now! I just got the info on my Doll Quilt Swap partner. Its a secret and she can’t know that I’m making a quilt for her so…shhhhhh.

I’m looking at this, and this, and maybe a bit of this for inspiration. I’m on my way out to the garage to flip through my fabrics and start putting a design together. I am physically tingling with itchiness to get started on this project !! Wheeeeeeee.

Check here for updates

In other news I have finished the bodies of 4 Merbs for my BIL and will be starting the 5th tonight. Then I just have to give them all faces and hair. I should be done by the end of next week – I’ll have finished pics soon, but here are some shots of the unmade materials piles.


Here We Go round the Mulberry Bush

Damnit! Eric did this to me – and now to you. I am not passing the contagion this time.

Seven more things you may not know about moi.

1.) I am afraid, afeared and disgusted by penguins.
Don’t ask, because I don’t have a reason.

2.) I have a nose ring. I got it 3 years ago. I was in the middle of my 29th year, my sister had just turned 25, both of my kids had been born, I had just passed my 8th wedding anniversary and I figured it was time to mark myself with something. Some outward sign that I felt centered and grounded, that I was happy and secure in the circle of my life and I didn’t feel the need to “find” anything outside of it anymore. Not that I’m settling for whatever happens to come my way, I’m too stubborn for that. This is my life and I like it.

3.) I hate doing dishes. I will let them pile up until I have no spoons left and am forced to wash them to have some cereal. I can’t wait till the kids are old enough to do this one.

4.) I’m 32 years old and I still call my father Daddy.

5.) I don’t like fruit and chocolate. Not dipped in it, not dried and mixed into brownies or fudge and not as a flavoring in. I’ll never “Whack, and unwrap”, thank you.

6.) I was the neighborhood River Raid champ when I was a kid but I could never get Harry to let go of the rope in Pitfall. Figure that one out.

7.) I’ll take a cue from Eric on this one – it’s probably the only reason I’m doing this again. I can be a bit of a language snob, when it comes to word/phrase usage. I love my linguistics class 2 years ago. The other night the Hubby and I were watching the news and the anchor said, “…for all intensive purposes…” Yargh!! The phrase is “For all intents and purposes” And she was reading from a teleprompter.

That’s it for now. I’m off with the camera to take some pics and show you tonight.


We’re Going On a Bear Hunt

Last Wednesday was the Bean’s Kindergarten Show. Her school only houses Kindergarten and Pre-K and there are a LOT of kids (266 in K!), so many that we couldn’t get a decent shot of the whole group. Her music teacher led us through a tour of a day, opening with Here Comes the Sun, the kids singing Down By the Bay, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and a couple other adorable little songs. The Hubby’s parents, one of my Mil’s best friends, my father and step-mom and the Grumble came out for the show. Yes, I cried. I can’t believe she’s 6 and finishing kindergarten already!!! Wha Happen?
The Hubby and I were talking last week about just how busy we were going to be and how much time he was not going to be at work because of our camping trip and other little things and he had decided that with all that’s happening at his store and the time he was already going to miss that he just couldn’t afford to leave early to go see the Bean’s show. He said he knew he’d be around for all the important things later in life that she would remember. I think I was stirring some pasta.

I turned to him and told him that she would remember that he wasn’t there.

At the end of my year in Mrs. Reutlinger’s kindergarten class we put on a circus with the other kindergarten class – there were 45 of us all together. I was a belly dancer that had to charm a snake out of a basket, myself and a girl named Kathy had fishing line tied around our middle fingers, with the other end tied to the head of a huge stuffed snake in a basket – you can figure out the rest. I knew exactly where my Mom was sitting in that audience.

I told him that I understood about all his missed time this week and that maybe he couldn’t make it to this show but that using the “she won’t remember it” excuse wasn’t acceptable.

He took the time off to be there 🙂

Friday afternoon we left for our camping trip in CT and we had a fairly good time. It didn’t rain too much and the kids were as good as can be accepted when they’re outside of everything that is normal, hyped up on sugar, surrounded by a dozen other out of control kids, and having to sleep in a place where you can hear every other person sleeping within 100 yards of you. Yeah, they did OK.

They each had a CD walkman to keep them occupied on the ride down and once we got there they figured out that they could put the CD players in to their bike baskets and ride around with their music. It was when they started running around just holding the $30 “toy” in their hands that I started to get nervous. So, I sewed a solution – not that I have a pic to show you – I cut up a dish towel. I cut off the bound edges to use as straps, cut the rest of the towel in half, width wise, sewed them into little pockets and attached the straps. No more nervous Mom, and two happy little girls running around that campground showing off their new purses.

OK, I get to have the camera tomorrow so I promise new job pics and details. Seriously!